Smith and wesson shield review

Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm Review

smith and wesson shield review

In the right hands, Smith and Wesson's M&P Shield 9mm is a top contender for the standard in compact 9mm for everyday carry.


As the concealed carry market has matured, the draw of the single stack pistol has become stronger. Offered in both 9mm and. However, the gun was equipped with a thumb safety ó something many people did not want. These guns were also an overnight sensation. This is my review of the gun. At its core, the Shield is a polymer-framed, striker-fired pistol. The pistol falls into the broad category of compact handguns.

I have carried this pistol for about 3 years now and have put over a thousand rounds through it. There is now also a second generation version or M2. The 45 ACP is slightly larger and comes with more aggressive texture on the pistol grip. I own the model with a thumb safety but in hindsight, I wish I would have purchased the version without. The thumb safety slows me down when drawing the pistol and firing. This handgun comes with two magazines, one flush fit 7-round, and an extended 8-round magazine. The pistol definitely feels more comfortable with the extended magazine while gripping and firing, but the flush fit magazine is more concealable always a trade-off.

Being a fan of their pistols, I got the Shield for myself so I could have the option to carry something smaller and more concealable. Shortly after bringing the gun home and taking my wife to the range with that pistol, she decided that it now belonged to her. You might just lose it to your loved one, as I did. They can get a trustworthy, reliable pistol at a reasonable cost and upgrade it later if they so choose. The Shield comes with two magazines. One 8-round mag with a grip extender, and one flush-sitting magazine with a 7-round capacity.

Smith & Wesson M&P Shield vs Springfield XD-S

We have not one, but two reviewers of the same firearm. In the video above, Brandon shares his views on the firearm and in the article below, shellshocked will share his. You can visit them here to see all the great stuff they have to offer.

M&P Shield Review: Best Gun For Concealed Carry

For most, simply shooting the Shield is going to result in carrying the Shield. Of all the factors that contributed to its success, it is most likely a combination of the market gap and the fact this gun carved out its own niche. The gap the Shield filled was the physical size and perceived stopping power difference between. This is something that stresses the importance of purchasing a firearm that fits you. The best way to do that is to handle and fire a wide variety of handguns before a purchase.

Smith And Wessonís M&P Shield 9mm Gun Review

So today I bring you two single stack magazine pistols that are small enough for you to carry always, but not small enough to compromise performance. At these dimensions, the gun weighs in at about 18 ounces, which makes it pretty convenient to carry. You can get several versions of the Shield, according to your preference. So, you can use 9mm or. You can also have ambidextrous safeties or Crimson Trace Laserguard lights in red or green to help with precision.




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