John cena and the rock

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Says He and John Cena Had 'Real Issues' With Each Other

john cena and the rock

WWE The Rock saves John cena

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While Cena's film career hasn't reached the heights of Johnson, he is certainly making a name for himself outside of the WWE ring, as he continues to become one of Hollywood's most highly requested actors. Now, the two have buried the hatchet and Cena has been receiving advice from one of Hollywood's most successful stars. During an interview with The Floor Seat , the time world champion revealed the best advice he got from Johnson. Cena admitted that the advice came just when he needed it most, he also stated that most of his past projects were done solely to create a business model. When asked about any important advice the action star had to offer, Cena stated the following:. I think it was great advice. It came right at a time when I needed it.

Of every match result in the history of Vince McMahon's empire, the result of the "Once in a Lifetime" match between John Cena and The Rock was the most ridiculous of them all. There are few times in sports-entertainment where a dream match between two Superstars from two different generations have the opportunity to perform in a match with one another. That match is typically hyped to the max and, in this case, Rock and Cena enjoyed a year of seeing their faces plastered on advertising materials. Fans debate who should win, why they should win but at the end of the day, the younger Superstar serving as the face of the company at that time ALWAYS wins. They have to because, at the end of the day, that star is charged with carrying the mantle of the business into the future. It has been covered, recovered, and beaten into the ground numerous times by now: Dwayne Johnson is not a professional wrestler.

What we as fans of combat sports want to see is rivalries. We want two guys who have a score to settle to get in the ring or the cage and duke it out until the better man is left standing. From the moment The Rock made his return , we all wanted to see him and one other man face to face. These guys genuinely do not like each other. The reason that the promos from the past few weeks have been so great is because their disdain for each other is real in a sense. So how did it all start?

The time world champion admits he was "stupid" during their major feud. The two grappling icons squared off at consecutive WrestleMania events - WrestleMania 28 and 29 - in and Their storyline feud came about from real-life beef between the two, which began when Cena lambasted Johnson over his decision to distance himself from the wrestling world. Back at the turn of the decade, Cena was establishing himself as one of WWE's top stars, while The Rock was busy cementing his career as a bona fide Hollywood A-Lister. Cena originally took exception to Rock claiming at the time that he still loved the industry that gave him the platform to become a global star.



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Five years ago, John Cena and Dwayne Johnson or, as he was known in his former life, The Rock faced off in the main event of.
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    Wrestling is scripted, though, so their beef was just for show, right?

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    John Cena Reveals The Best Advice He Got From The Rock

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    Their most recent WWE feud centered around Johnson's transition to acting.

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    Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Says He and John Cena Had 'Real Issues' With Each Other

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