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renton fish and game club

Congratulations to the Renton Steel Dragons Juniors on reclaiming the 1st Place Rimfire Pistol and 2nd Place Rimfire Rifle Iron Sights at the Scholastic.

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Dues are payable before July 1st of each year or upon joining the Club. Membership runs from July 1 to June 30 of the succeeding year. Members who wish to renew can complete the renewal form and mail to Club along with a check for the appropriate amount. Prospective members must complete an application form and sign a waiver. Dues are prorated for new members according to the prorating schedule below. Membership Information Dues are payable before July 1st of each year or upon joining the Club.

Scores will be tallied after this shoot to determine the winners of each division. Award ceremony and BBQ will be help just after shooting. Join us in sharpening your CQB rifle skills by utilizing sound tactics and technique to run through a course while engaging targets with your rifle and pistol. Course layouts vary each month and contain hostiles and no-shoots. Put your skill and training to the test by shooting on the move, utilizing cover, and engaging hostiles in a degree arc of fire.

Events and Matches. The Renton Fish and Game Club hosts various matches.
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Last match, did good everything here except the shots. Too timid with my sight picture, hence why I've been working at it. Movement is good, transitions are good, but the shots are slow. Some time you just gotta blaze! Production stage win, and 9th across all divisions with 3 reloads :P. Doors to prosperity!

Renton Fish & Game Club

Please note that approved matches, instruction, and discipline practices may take place between am and pm. Put your skills and equipment to the test while shooting on the move at Black Rifle League. Click here for details.

Renton Fish & Game Club Inc

If you are new to our rifle or pistol ranges, you may try our expedited check-in process. In order to do this, you must complete all 3 steps listed below, to the letter. Help us help you by making the check-in process go faster and smoother. Hunters who have not been to the range since sighting in last year must watch the videos and fill out the waivers again. Our address and directions to our range can be found here.

We are conveniently located 5 miles east of downtown Renton, WA. See the map for details. Eye and ear protection are required on all firearms ranges. A waiver form must be signed by guests each time they visit the range. Rifle and Pistol range users: It is highly recommended that new visitors, hunters sighting in, and people who have not been to the range in over a year use the new Expedited Check-in process to minimize waiting time.


Range Information. The Renton Fish & Game Club is a private, non-profit.
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