Music of the baroque and classical eras is mostly

Classical music

music of the baroque and classical eras is mostly

Baroque Music - Classical Music from the Baroque Period

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Court musicians earned more than church musicians, so many of them had to be creative to earn a living. Music was a staple in most functions but, at first, it was only meant for the upper class. Before long, though, even the general public was able to appreciate music forms ex. Venice became the center of musical activity, and soon a public opera house was built there. The St. Music played an important role in Baroque society; it served as a musical expression for brilliant composers, a source of entertainment for aristocrats, a way of life for musicians and a temporary escape from the routines of daily life for the general public. Musical texture during the Baroque period was also polyphonic and homophonic.

Advances in technology, such as the invention of the telescope, made what was believed to be finite seem infinite. Great thinkers like Descartes, Hobbes, Spinoza, and Locke tackled the big questions of existence. Geniuses like Rubens, Rembrandt, and Shakespeare offered unique perspectives through their art. European nations grew more and more involved with foreign trade and colonization, bringing us into direct contact with parts of the globe that were previously unfamiliar. And the growth of a new middle class breathed life into an artistic culture long dependent on the whims of church and court. Many of the well known personalities from the first part of the Baroque period hail from Italy, including Monteverdi , Corelli and Vivaldi. By the mid- eighteenth century, our focus shifts to the German composers Bach and Handel.

Start studying Music Chapter 4. Learn vocabulary Music of the Baroque and Classical eras is mostly _____. diatonic modal MUSIC 4: Chapter 4 15 Terms.
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Classical music is art music produced or rooted in the traditions of Western culture , including both liturgical religious and secular music. While a more precise term is also used to refer to the period from to the Classical period , this article is about the broad span of time from before the 6th century AD to the present day, which includes the Classical period and various other periods. European art music is largely distinguished from many other non-European classical and some popular musical forms by its system of staff notation , in use since about the 11th century. Western staff notation is used by composers to indicate to the performer the pitches and durations for a piece of music. The term "classical music" did not appear until the early 19th century, in an attempt to distinctly canonize the period from Johann Sebastian Bach to Ludwig van Beethoven as a golden age. Given the wide range of styles in European classical music, from Medieval plainchant sung by monks to Classical and Romantic symphonies for orchestra from the s and s to avant-garde atonal compositions from the s, it is difficult to list characteristics that can be attributed to all works of that type. Nonetheless, a universal characteristic of classical music written since the late 13th century is [7] the invariable appliance of a standardized system of precise mensural notation which evolved into modern bar notation after for all compositions and their accurate performance.

The Baroque period refers to an era that started around and ended around , and included composers like Bach, Vivaldi and Handel, who pioneered new styles like the concerto and the sonata. The Baroque period saw an explosion of new musical styles with the introduction of the concerto, the sonata and the opera. The idea that instruments should be grouped together in a standard way created the first versions of the modern orchestra. An important type of instrumental music in the Baroque era was the concerto. Two of the greatest composers of concertos were Corelli and Vivaldi.

What is Baroque Music?

The Baroque period culminated in the masterpieces of J. -


Role of Composers in the Baroque and Classical Periods




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