Step function domain and range

Graph Piecewise Functions

step function domain and range

domain and range piecewise function

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A step by step tutorial on graphing and sketching piecewise functions. The graph, domain and range of these functions and other properties are examined. Free graph paper is available. Definition of Piecewise Functions. A piecewise function is usually defined by more than one formula: a fomula for each interval. It is also important to note that the domain of function f defined above is the set of all the real numbers since f is defined everywhere for all real numbers.

Given the graph of a step function, find the function's outputs for given specific inputs. Worked example: domain & range of piecewise linear functions.
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Learn more about this. Students are asked to graph a step function, state the domain of the function, and name any intercepts. The student provides a graph that is unrelated to the algebraic description of the function. The student confuses the use of open and closed dots. Guide the student through each part of the function definition explaining its meaning and sketching its graph. Explain the convention of graphing endpoints of open intervals as open dots and endpoints of closed intervals as closed dots.

Piecewise Functions

It's best to start graphing piecewise functions by reading the "if" statements first, and you'll most likely shorten the chance of making an error by doing so. However, our restriction is "all "x"-values less than "0 , so we will only draw the left half of the graph, and leave an "open circle" at the point 0,0 , as the restriction is "less than 0" , and does not include 0., Notice that we can use the data to create a function of the amount each movie earned or the total ticket sales for all horror movies by year. In creating various functions using the data, we can identify different independent and dependent variables, and we can analyze the data and the functions to determine the domain and range.





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