Domain and range of ln x

What is the domain of ln function

domain and range of ln x

May 28, Let f(x)=ln(x). f(x) is defined ?x>0. Hence, the domain of f(x) is (0,+?). Consider limx>0f(x)>??. and limx>+?f(x)>+?. Hence, the range of.


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Therefore it is one-to-one and has an inverse. Recall that if x , y is a point on the graph of a function, then y , x will be a point on the graph of its inverse. To find the inverse algebraically, begin by interchanging x and y and then try to solve for y. We quickly realize that there is no method for solving for y. The following are equivalent:.

Easy to understand math lessons on DVD. Try before you commit. This applet lets you explore the domain and range examples discussed on the previous page, Domain and Range of a Function. In this applet, you can change the domain and see the effect on the range of several different functions. That value is never 0, and never less than 0. See more exponential functions. It has one vertical and one horizontal asymptote a line which the curve gets closer to, but never touches.

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Domain & Range





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    Feb 8, The graph of y=lnx. x can only be all positive. and y can take positive or negative values. graph{y=ln x[, 10, -5,5]}. Have a nice day from the.

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    Domain and Range interactive applet

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    The domain of a function is the set of all possible x values that it is defined Domain: The function lnx is defined only for all positive numbers.

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