Package unit ac and heat

Packaged Systems

package unit ac and heat

Roof mounted AC (Package Unit) vs Split System

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Trane packaged HVAC systems are available in many of the same matchups as split systems. No matter which configuration you choose, you can count on quiet operation and year-round comfort. They can be placed outside at ground level or on your rooftop. Emergency Maintenance Seasonal Maintenance. Chat Schedule Appointment Email Dealer. Contact a Dealer. Packaged Systems Our energy efficient, residential systems create the best air possible for your home.

Packaged air conditioners efficiently keep you cool in the summer. Packaged heat pumps provide efficient electric heating and cooling to your home or business. Dual-Fuel Packaged Units combine cooling with heat pump and gas heating for optimal year-long performance in one self-contained unit. The airtightness of the equipment is part of the overall way to measure HVAC performance and efficiency. A fully insulated cabinet helps to keep the heat inside and assists with noise suppression when the furnace is operating.

Packaged systems are a popular choice for homes with limited space, since they take up less room than split systems. In most homes, packaged systems are usually installed on the ground level or on the roof. Depending on your needs, you can select from the many types of packaged systems available:. A packaged air conditioner is a perfect solution for homes in warmer areas of the country that have limited space for a split system. These systems are not always as energy efficient as split system air conditioners, but they provide more flexibility when it comes to installation. A packaged heat pump system combines heating, air conditioning and air-handling all in one unit. These systems offer an energy efficient solution for homes in mild climates.

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Enjoy the comfort and convenience of winter-and-summertime relief all in one sleek package. With an American Standard Packaged System, you can heat or cool your home without multiple units taking up space. - Operation depends on configuration, but packaged systems typically heat and cool your home the same way their stand-alone counterparts do.

What is Packaged Air Conditioner? Types of Packged Air Condtioners.

The window and split air conditioners are usually used for the small air conditioning capacities up to 5 tons. The central air conditioning systems are used for where the cooling loads extend beyond 20 tons. The packaged air conditioners are used for the cooling capacities in between these two extremes. The packaged air conditioners are available in the fixed rated capacities of 3, 5, 7, 10 and 15 tons. These units are used commonly in places like restaurants, telephone exchanges, homes, small halls, etc. As the name implies, in the packaged air conditioners all the important components of the air conditioners are enclosed in a single casing like window AC. Thus the compressor, cooling coil, air handling unit and the air filter are all housed in a single casing and assembled at the factory location.


Packaged air conditioners efficiently keep you cool in the summer. Gas furnace /air conditioner packaged products add the warmth of cozy gas heat in the.
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