Ashley and thomas still together

Is Thomas Ravenel Still With Ashley Jacobs? 'Southern Charm' Personalities' Romance Uncertain

ashley and thomas still together

Ashley Jacobs Opens Up About Relationship With Thomas Ravenel and Life After Southern Charm

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Ashley Jacobs has not had it easy since moving to Charleston in Jacobs and Ravenel have since broken up, though their relationship has seemingly been on-and-off since then. With Jacobs making another appearance on Southern Charm this season, is she still dating Ravenel? Jacobs originally hails from Santa Barbara, California. She relocated to Charleston in the summer of to pursue a career in nursing. Last summer, Jacobs revealed that she works for an in-home agency and that most of her patients are people who are terminally ill or have disabilities.

One Southern Charmer spilled all the tea. From Ravenel baby mama Kathryn to grande dame Patricia Altschul to I-wanna-kiss-all-the-girls womanizer Shep and beyond, the cast seemed united about Jacobs in their feelings of distaste. I cannot believe she stuck around. Watch southerncharm tonight. Do you think someone actually washes these glasses? Both Kathryn and Patricia revealed rumors that Jacobs is planning a return to Charleston, with Thomas seen surveying apartments in the building where his girlfriend once resided.

Bravo's newest season of Southern Charm is set to premiere on Wednesday and there was one question on a lot of fans' minds, "Is Thomas Ravenel still with Ashley Jacobs? In its sixth season, the reality show chronicles the movements of various people as they live and learn in Charleston, South Carolina. Ravenel, an original main character of the show, is facing sexual misconduct allegations and assault and battery charges, which he denied, and will not be returning for the new season. However, according to a trailer released by Bravo, his season five girlfriend, Jacobs, will make at least a few appearances. During the Season Five reunion, which Ravenel did not attend, Jacobs defended her relationship with Ravenel, calling him her "best friend," and adding that she was "really happy" and not going anywhere. However, the two split ways in August, according to People , and in November, Jacobs posted on Instagram that the "good really does outweigh the bad. The two were together on New Years, though, sparking rumors that their love fern may be wilted, but not entirely dead.

PEOPLE has an exclusive first look at the polarizing reality star's first appearance on the Bravo show's sixth season. You should be really scared. Julien Rembert, 3. In the clip, Jacobs fights with Whitney Sudler-Smith over her ongoing feud with his mother, socialite Patricia Altschul. None are true. I have nothing kind to say about her.

'Southern Charm' Star Ashley Jacobs Gets Candid About Split From Thomas Ravenel (Exclusive)

Ashley Jacobs is returning to Southern Charm this week, and she hasn't quite left behind her controversial relationship with Thomas Ravenel — and literally anyone else on the cast. It's only natural to wonder who Ashley Jacobs is dating in , as she hasn't publicly come forward with a new beau, and she and Thomas are reportedly long done. - I can work wherever I want … I know someone who has an in, not into the reality TV show, but has an in into a town where I can kind of sit back and let him take me around, and show me the best places to live, the best places to eat. And, I like this person.

Thomas Ravenel, Ashley Jacobs reunite? Southern Charm star spills tea

The exes were affectionate and seemed in good spirits during their night out, with Ravenel wrapping one arm around Jacobs as they sat at the bar with another couple. In September, the two were spotted packing on the PDA while out at dinner together. They looked friendly, like friends having a good time out together. Ravenel and Jacobs split in August. Almost two weeks later, Ravenel, 56, implied that Jacobs had not been faithful to him during their relationship.

A source tells E! They find a way to lure one another back in. Additionally, we're told Ashley is still living in South Carolina with Thomas and they're attempting to stay "low-key. But as Thomas and Ashley give each other a second or even third chance, E! Then in May, two women came forward with sexual assault allegations against Thomas, which he denied.

Everything was safe to me. I no longer felt safe. I wasn't in a good place, I'd say, myself, and then you add, you know, a tough relationship and you add his drama with the mother of his children. And I mean, that's a hard situation It's different than the last person I dated, you know?

Kathryn Dennis’ Ex Thomas Ravenel & Girlfriend Ashley Jacobs Split Amid Rape Allegations







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    Thomas Ravenel is no longer a cast member on Southern Charm after allegations of rape and sexual misconduct became front-page news, according to TMZ.

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    But the season was filmed a long time ago — could Ashley Jacobs and Thomas Ravenel have gotten back together since then?.

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