Ryan reynolds and tom holland

Deadpool 2: Is Ryan Reynolds filming for SpiderMan 2?

ryan reynolds and tom holland

1 day ago Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds officially loves Spider-Man's Tom Holland, according to a new photo circulating on Instagram. After breaking out.

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While some efforts, such as Green Lantern , proved decidedly underwhelming, his popularity has only continued to soar among fans. Despite Disney recently acquiring Fox and all its properties, Reynolds' Deadpool is the only superhero not being rebooted. Holland, meanwhile, first came to prominence on the stage and a supporting role in The Impossible alongside Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts. The fate of the Web-Slinger is currently up in the air, following a breakdown in talks between Disney and Sony , who own the movie rights. The debate has raged over the last week regarding whether Disney or Sony was in the wrong and where Spider-Man heroics should take place - with some even constructing a website dedicated to whether the character has returned to the MCU yet.

Both have iconic red spandex suits with red masks and black eye holes. Both have quirky sense of humour and irreverance for the rules. They have also appeared together in numerous Marvel comicbook variations and many fans would love to see them together on the big screen. Although Spider-Man is being released by Sony to appear in Avengers: Infinity War it looks very unlikely Deadpool will follow suit but Reynolds teased fans this week with a new Twitter post. He wrote: "Thank you VPD.

The Deadpool actor is weighing in on the recent news that Spider-Man is reportedly no longer part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. According to Deadline, who was the first to break the story, Sony Pictures and Disney will not be working together on upcoming MCU projects.
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On Tuesday, a fan shared a tweet that caught the year-old star's attention. It didn't take long for fans to jump in the comment section and ask the year-old actor to use his star power. According to Deadline , there are two movies in the works that will feature Holland in the famous spidey suit. The publication also reports that, as of now, Feige isn't part of Sony's upcoming Spider-Man projects. Moreover, the Venom sequel is also headed for the big screen with Andy Serkis directing the film and it starring Tom Hardy.

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Ryan Reynolds Jokingly Says How Fans Can See Deadpool/Spider-Man Crossover

Deadpool 's Ryan Reynolds has responded to a fan's query about a potential Spider-Man team-up movie. But you can only see it in my heart. It's a typical tongue-in-cheek reaction from Reynolds, but do you think Peter Parker could really survive in the R-rated arena?

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