Maximilian and marie de bourgogne

DVD Review: Maximilian And Marie De Bourgogne Looks At A Less Covered Section Of History

maximilian and marie de bourgogne

Known as The Last Knight for his bravery and battle skills, the great European emperor Maximilian and his story is as spectacular as it is familiar: It is the story of .


Toggle navigation. Maximilian and Marie de Bourgogne. No access for this product with this login. Available as 2x', 3 x 90' and 6x45'. The Barbarism of the Middle Ages is slowly giving way to humanism and order, but still, mercenaries and foot-soldiers, kings and princes soak the battlefields with their blood. When the Duke of Burgundy dies in battle, Mary, his only child, intends to rule over the duchy despite the rule of masculine succession. The richest heiress in Europe, the sharp-minded young woman is coveted by various suitors.

As the only child of Charles the Bold , Duke of Burgundy , and his wife Isabella of Bourbon , she inherited the duchy upon the death of her father in the Battle of Nancy on 5 January Her birth, according to the court chronicler Georges Chastellain , was attended by a clap of thunder ringing from the otherwise clear twilight sky. Her godfather was Louis, Dauphin of France , in exile in Burgundy at that time; he named her for his mother Marie of Anjou. Reactions to the child were mixed: the baby's grandfather, Duke Philip the Good , was unimpressed, and "chose not to attend the [baptism] as it was only for a girl", whereas her grandmother Isabella of Portugal was delighted at the birth of a granddaughter. Philip the Good died in and Mary's father assumed control of the duchy of Burgundy. Since her father had no living sons at the time of his accession, Mary became his heir presumptive. Her father controlled a vast and wealthy domain made up of the Duchy of Burgundy , the Free County of Burgundy , and the majority of the Low Countries.

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A beautifully mounted miniseries of royal love and deception set during the Hapsburg Empire, Maximilian and Marie de Bourgogne is a feast for the senses. The year is , and while the barbarism of the Middle Ages is slowly giving way to humanism and order, there are still mercenaries and foot-soliders and kings who soak the battlefields with their blood. The richest heiress in Europe, the sharp-minded young woman is coveted by various suitors. It is only after a perilous journey through a realm ravaged by war and the Black Death that Mary and Maximilian begin their flirtation. It is a love beset by jealousies and enemies, but also one under which the Burgundian Middle Ages transforms itself into the splendor of the Hapsburg empire at the beginning of modernity. Two lovers pave the way for the Renaissance, an era that is to change the world


Maximilian - Das Spiel von Macht und Liebe (2017) - Trailer with English Subtitles

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His marriage to Mary of Burgundy brought Maximilian not only a rich inheritance but also a partner with whom he enjoyed a close and loving union. His second marriage to Bianca Maria Sforza also involved large amounts of money, but their relationship proved extremely unhappy. She lost her mother when she was eight and was subsequently brought up by her step-mother Margaret of York, with whom she enjoyed a cordial relationship. The eldest son Philip , known as the Fair, had an illustrious future ahead of him as the heir to Burgundy and husband of the Spanish heiress Joan the Mad which was however to end abruptly with his early death at the age of only twenty-eight. At the tender age of three she was promised to the French crown prince. However, the marriage never took place. The marriage took place by proxy in , but was annulled in before it had been consummated, as the French king Charles VIII was now set on marrying Anne himself.

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Maximilian I: marriage and offspring






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