Andy samberg and sandra oh

Andy Samberg confirms that Sandra Oh is the best person on the planet

andy samberg and sandra oh

Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh had chemistry and great intentions, but they couldn't corral lots of surprises into a great Golden Globes.

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Sandra Oh and Andy Samberg seemed to have a lot of fun hosting the Golden Globes, and we had a lot of fun watching them. From whitewashing jokes to emotional speeches, here are the highlights from the night. There is still nobody hosting the Oscars after Kevin Hart stepped down from the gig, and the Golden Globes hosts joked that they'd be up for it. Honestly, they were delightful, and we're into it. During the A Star Is Born press cycle, Lady Gaga often made reference to Bradley Cooper's support during the movie using different versions of the same specific comment: "There can be people in the room, and 99 don't believe in you, but all it takes is one who does. Once each!

Yes, we nearly died when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler hosted three years in a row through , and it's always fun to watch Ricky Gervais skewer Hollywood in that giggly way only he can, and Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon are masters at their hosting craft, but this year honestly and unexpectedly takes the cake. You might recall Oh tearing up the envelope with the winner inside and nervously shouting that the winner was both La La Land and Jeremy Park, a guy she dated once who could totally be a director of TV comedies now. The pair, while seemingly random, is a fantastic choice for the award show, and you'd better be ready for us to tell you why. We've seen Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh live on TV together exactly once before, when they presented at the Emmys, and from the moment they walked out on stage together, it felt strangely right. As much as Tina, Amy, Jimmy, Seth, and Ricky are all beloved comedians, you typically know what you're going to get when they're in charge. Both Jimmy and Seth host shows every night where they poke fun at pop culture and politics and mingle with other celebs, so when they host an award show, it's just their shows on a slightly larger scale.

Just ask Andy Samberg, who cried when his Golden Globes co-host Sandra Oh won an award during the telecast. During a recent.
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If there's one experience that helps celebrities form a quick, everlasting bond, it's hosting an awards show together. During a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon , the Brooklyn Nine-Nine star revealed that even though he and Oh had only known each other for a few weeks, the pair bonded so quickly that he was overwhelmed with joy at her victory. Samberg and Oh's bond helped the comedian get through the awkwardness that comes with hosting the Golden Globes, as the actor admitted that nobody in the room paid any attention to what the hosts were saying onstage. They do not care about the show," Samberg continued. I was like, 'None of these nuanced jokes are going to land! In fact, Samberg even remembered seeing someone "on the phone" during one of his bits with Oh. Of course, Samberg was far from the only person who was overjoyed to see Oh's historic Golden Globes win over the weekend.

As the Oscars struggled last month to find a host, the Golden Globes made it look easy in comparison. Pairing Andy Samberg and Sandra Oh was an unexpected choice, but one borne out of their presenter banter at the most recent Emmys and a recognition that another solo, white male host would be a tone-deaf move in And even then, I might. Dick Clark Prods. Last year I thought Seth [Meyers], in a very difficult year, actually threaded the needle based on what was going on in the Hollywood world at that time. This year we thought from the beginning it would be good to have a female be part of our hosting team.

Andy Samberg Cried When Sandra Oh Won A Golden Globe, Setting A New Bar For Award Show Co-Hosts

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