Young and hungry josh and gabi

'Young & Hungry' Is Ending After Season 5, But It's Not All Bad News For Fans

young and hungry josh and gabi

Jabi is the longest page on the Young & Hungry Wiki! Jabi (Josh/Gabi) is the romantic/friendship pairing between Josh Kaminski and Gabi Diamond. However, Josh tells Gabi he loves her in Young & Pretty Woman and she kisses him.


On March 15, , it was officially announced that the fifth season would be the last. The final ten episodes premiered on June 20, and concluded on July 25, A series finale movie initially announced with the cancellation [5] was scrapped on August 24, The series follows the two and their lives. Gabi faces challenges both in and outside of the kitchen. Celebrity chef and television personalities have also appeared in the show as themselves including Michael Voltaggio , Rachael Ray , Giada de Laurentiis , and Alex Guarnaschelli. The show is inspired by San Francisco food blogger, Gabi Moskowitz.

Find out what's on the menu for the last 10 episodes of the series and if a movie is still in the works. The series finale sees Josh take the gang for a getaway on his new yacht. Before saying goodbye maybe just for now if we get that movie! What was going through your mind when you got the news initially about the show ending? Emily Osment: It was a hard one to stomach.

Of course, the plans go awry almost immediately. On board the ship, Food Network favorite Alex Guarnaschelli suprises Gabi and offers her a job as a sous chef at her restaurant in Seattle. Soon, she and Sofia are discussing her new opportunity and freaking out that Sofia could be getting engaged. One jump for joy later, and the ring ends up sailing over the edge of the ship into the ocean. Both Gabi and Sofia dive overboard after the ring and clear up the misunderstanding. Gabi wants to take the sous chef position, but she also wants to stay with Josh. She wants to bake her cake and eat it, too; be a career woman and have a supportive partner.

She is portrayed by Emily Osment. She is a feisty young food blogger. Delightfully outrageous, good-hearted and charismatic, Gabi is a self-taught, ambitious young chef with a true gift, not only for cooking, but for figuring out what it is people really want to eat. Gabi learned how to cook when she was a child. She loves Julia Child with her who is also her inspiration.

Emily Osment Says Goodbye to 'Young & Hungry' With the Series Finale

Young & Hungry series finale react: So… the movie’s happening, right?

But if you're a fan of Emily Osment's TV show, don't be too dismayed about this news. The fact that Season 5B will be the show's last shouldn't come as much of a shock to fans, though. It wasn't much of a surprise, then, to learn that the next 10 episodes will be the last ones. So in a way, the announcement is good news. Fans finally have a premiere date, June 20, for Season 5B.

'Young and Hungry' Sneak Peek: It's Gabi Versus Josh's Fiance—Who Will Win?!

Gabi Diamond

They are the main and most popular pairing on the show. Gabi is Josh's employee, but things get ugly when Josh's girlfriend breaks up with him in the Pilot. Gabi tries to comfort him but accidentally finds herself in his bed. Their relationship starts to grow when they find out that they have a lot in common. One month after Gabi and Josh's mistaken drunken night, it was seen that Josh may have some feelings for Gabi, and he tells her that he will protect her as long as she works for him and they're friends.

Young & Hungry Movie (officially) . In Young & Third Wheel, Gabi always invites Sofia to join her and Josh when he and Gabi are having dates so Gabi sets on.
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