Shane dawson meet and greet 2018

5 Reasons we've Loved Watching Shane Dawson's YouTube Evolution

shane dawson meet and greet 2018

Jun 29, @shanedawson. Check out my . Wanna come MEET ME on TOUR?! click here to RSVP! It Gets Worse Tour @ShanetoDallas 29 Jun

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Shane Dawson has been active on YouTube since , and during his decade on the site, he has made a splash in every way imaginable. He started out creating wild and family unfriendly short video sketches, in which he played many of the characters in wigs, makeup and costumes. At one point, a comedy video of him pole dancing while his family members watched got back to his employer at Jenny Craig, where he, his mother and brother all worked. Since he began YouTube, he has amassed a combined 5 billion views on his three channels combined, and while he no longer uploads to his original account, his most active account, Shane, is currently at But Shane has always been an open book about his difficult past and the fact that his sense of humor comes from a very dark place. Growing up with an abusive father, who his mother had to eventually split from, left him very empty and depressed. This caused him to be completely introverted as a young person.

Tana Mongeau has been uploading videos to YouTube since In recent months, however, the year-old YouTuber has become one of the most popular ó and controversial ó stars on the platform. Mongeau currently has more than 4. The vlogger also recently made headlines when she announced her engagement to Jake Paul, a fellow YouTuber who she says she's dated for two months. Here's a look at Mongeau's journey to internet fame, from her first videos on YouTube to her public relationships and controversies. Her first video, titled "Hairdresser from Hell? The story-time video became Mongeau's go-to style, leading her to release weekly vlogs in which she shares wild anecdotes from her life.

Track to know when Shane Dawson is playing near you. Past Events. FEB. Louisville, KY. The Bourbon Hall. I Was There ∑ SEP. Louisville.
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Tanacon was supposed to be a weekend celebrating content creators, but will instead go down as one of the biggest disasters spawned out of YouTuber worship. Fans waited in line for several hours for the underwhelming, poorly organized event, leaving them feeling duped. Convention organizer Tana Mongeau is best known for sparking controversy online, releasing rap videos with Bella Thorne and odd play-by-plays of people having sex. By her own admission, she had zero experience planning an event of this size, partnering with production company Good Times in an attempt to run a valid show. Mongeau said in a tweet that they had sold around 5, tickets. On the morning of June 22 in Anaheim, Calif. Mongeau wanted her event to replace Vidcon, which was happening right across the street.

You can help confirm this entry by contributing facts, media, and other evidence of notability and mutation. After an unexpected amount of attendees arrived, the event was abruptly canceled due to safety concerns. On April 2nd, , Mongeau released a vlog in which she announced she would not be attending VidCon, retelling various negative experiences at the conference. Additionally, Mongeau announced she would be hosting her own "meet-and-greet" during the same time as VidCon shown below. On June 22nd, the event was shut down after an unexpected amount of attendees arrived, vastly outnumbering the venue's maximum capacity.

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Fans from around the globe flew to California in hopes of seeing their favorite YouTube content creators and celebrities such as Shane Dawson, Colleen Ballinger otherwise known as Miranda Sings , actor Bella Thorne and of course, Tana Mongeau herself for the debut of TanaCon. However, fans were left disappointed after the conference turned into complete chaos and a major safety hazard., Early acting career.




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