The game client encountered an error blade and soul

the game client encountered an error blade and soul

So evryone with the problem This is how i manage to work my way around that error NC Laucher folder c:~/program files.

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For now, i'm out of ideas outer to reinstall windows and i honestly don't think that will be of any help. Does ANYone know how to solve this problem, or is it just a client-sided error and i need to wait for any kind of fix-patch? I've been searching the forums, but only manage to find other kind of errors, which seeeeems kinda the same, but obviously another error-code. Im troubled and bored. And i want to play that game :D. Went to bed after my post and just started the computer, so there were no process of BnS or GG, when i booted.

By Uszko , March 2, in Bug Reports.
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By newbchu , January 27, in Bug Reports. First theres terrible maintance times for EU now they claim servers are up and the game is working without even testing it. And for all these non Premium flamers I'm Master Pack headstarter and i got this stupid problem. Premium doesnt help in things like that.

Blade & Soul NC Launcher 2 "Failed to Download The File" Bitdefender Fix



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