Funny bridesmaids and groomsmen entrance

Intros & Outros: DJs Recall the Bridal-Party Entrances That Rocked

funny bridesmaids and groomsmen entrance

Bridal Party Entrance

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I want to do something fun and creative for the entrances of the wedding party and myself and my groom. Any fun ideas? Are you talking about the Grand Entrance into the reception, or the entrance walking up the aisle, like in the popular YouTube video? We recently did a wedding where the groom was a basketball player by profession. He had us introduce his wedding party like the NBA announces the starting lineup.

OK, wedding jocks… get the picture: One of the bridesmaids at the reception was refusing to walk in with her assigned groomsmen, the bride was not doing anything to help with the dilemma, and suddenly the DJ found himself in a pickle. This was four years ago, as DJ Mick Uranko was lining up members of the wedding party for their introduction into the hall. I want to walk with Fred. We pronounced the names of every bridesmaid and groomsman properly. And then, we kicked the energy up yet another notch with a party song for the bride and groom that had every guest on their feet, clapping their hands and ready to let go. What made it so grand?

Powder Puff! Any other ideas for fun entrance poses? Bonus points to anyone who can come up with something awesome for the one groomsman who is walking in with two girls who are sister, BTW. I like the charlies angels pose idea, as a Bridesmaid or Best Man I usually do the swirl or dips. I might steal some of these ideas!!

8 Fabulous Bridal Party Introductions and Entrances

It is crucial that you get to start your reception right. And part of getting the party started is being able to introduce your bridal party to the rest of your guests. While there are no hard and fast rules as to how your bridal party should be introduced, it would be wise to consider following some guidelines that will provide order on how to go about it, the choices you have in introducing them and their entrance.




60+ Wedding Entrance Songs (Suggestions to play while you're entering the reception . Entrance Songs For Wedding, Dance Songs For Wedding, Bridesmaid.
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    8 Fabulous Bridal Party Introductions and Entrances Typically, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are introduced to the guests. . While it can be really hilarious, make sure the bride and groom are properly informed so that.

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    13. Music Becomes Everything

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