Im 14 and i want to be a model

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im 14 and i want to be a model

The Cost of Being a Male Model

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Everyone thinks their child is cute but could they be picture perfect? Mum of three Suzanne Baum, talks about the experience of putting two of her three boys into child modelling. In the same week that Brooklyn Beckham made his modelling debut for Burberry, my then year-old son Zack made his for John Lewis. For us, it was an exciting new experience, some fun and a chance for my son to earn some pocket money. Getting the gig to model for the John Lewis online catalogue was not very difficult. Rather than attend a casting, as is the usual method of securing a modelling job, Zack was offered it on the back of his portfolio photos meeting the needs of the client. His surfer boy looks, shaggy hair and laid back style made him the perfect candidate to model the spring boys wear range of shorts, T-shirts and hoodies.

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If you want to become a model at 14, that is quite a good age to start. You have enough time to see if this is really the right thing for you and if you can imagin to continue modelling after school. Most of the best Models all over the world started in the age of If so you can apply in a children modelling agency or just take a year to take care of yourself, try somethings and practise for your future modelling jobs. If you want to know more about modeling, check out become a model or the blog: become a model. To become a model at the age of 14 is actually very difficult.

My Son Was A Child Model For John Lewis

Our latest model feedback Charlie at Models Direct handled the booking and was fabulous, she handled everything in a professional manner and was in constant contact leading up to the assignment and on the day., This story is part of The Privacy Divide , a series that explores the fault lines and disparities—cultural, economic, philosophical—that have developed around digital privacy and its impact on society.



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    Originally Answered: I am 14 and I want to be a model. Where should I start I'm 14 years old and want to become a model. How do I go about.

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