Supporting gifted and talented pupils in the primary school

Just what is gifted and talented?

supporting gifted and talented pupils in the primary school

Teaching Gifted Students

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Domains include any structured area of activity with its own symbol system e. The state-regulation of gifted education services causes the definition of giftedness to vary from state to state. NAGC identifies those areas of giftedness into the following six domains :. Micaela Bracamonte is the principal and founder of The Lang School , a New York City private school designed exclusively for twice-exceptional students. On the other hand, they tend to simultaneously perform very poorly on one or more of the local, state, or national standardized assessments used to measure individual student progress. There are over 3 million academically gifted students in the United States alone, yet there are no federally mandated requirements for gifted and talented students. This program does not establish rights for gifted children as IDEA does for Special Education ; instead, it focuses on research and advocacy for gifted children in underserved populations.

Technically all students, according to developmental psychologists Abraham Maslow and Howard Gardener, are gifted at something. But within the realm of what happens in the classroom, a teacher can help those superstars shine even brighter by simply adding a few additional strategies to their teaching repertoire. Super heroes see through walls, lift cars, jump high, and even fly. What amazing things can our students do? Are we helping them to see through the unimportant? Do we assist them in lifting their standards from the minimum to their maximum? Do we teach them how to jump over educational obstacles and hurdles?

Skip to content. If you have noticed that your child develops skills much quicker than children of a similar age or excels in a particular area, they may be regarded as 'gifted and talented'. Skills and attributes such as leadership, decision-making and organisation may also be taken into account. If you think your child is gifted or talented, you should discuss their abilities and needs with their teacher or the school principal. Your child's school has a responsibility to meet the educational needs of all their pupils, and teachers should set tasks that take account of the varying abilities of children. If your child is considered to be gifted and talented, their teachers should provide greater challenges in lessons, and perhaps offer further opportunities for them to develop their gifts or talents outside of the normal timetable.

Gifted and talented young people experience a sense of wellbeing and engagement when provided with challenging learning environments and opportunities.
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Supporting gifted and talented children

Gifted students—you may or may not spot them in your classroom. They may be highly visible, like the high achievers or straight- A students. But they may also be among those students who don't finish their work it's never perfect enough , who zone out or act out in class they're bored , or who test poorly because they overthink things "Hmmm, this answer might be true in this case, but it might not be true in that case".







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