As and a level english language and literature anthology paris

AS Language and Literature: Paris Anthology analysis of Pere Lachaise

as and a level english language and literature anthology paris

A level English Language and Literature Edexcel - Text 1.2 Ian Birrell article

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This course draws on the academic field of Stylistics in order to create an integrated English Language and Literature course which brings together literary and non-literary discourses. By exploring a variety of texts you will learn how to integrate literary and linguistic fields, and share concepts about the way language choices create representations. This will allow you to analyse literary and non-literary texts in a range of modes and genres whilst developing a variety of skills that will allow you to develop higher interpretation and analytical thinking. Within this course you will study:. You will attend a 3 hour class each week where you will work collaboratively with your fellow students, where you will engage in stimulating discussions and classroom based exercises to support your development and learning. You will also be required to complete work at home independently.

With its unique blend of texts that appeal to the senses, the Paris Anthology, just like the city itself, inspires the imagination. Unearth each linguistic artefact with clear and comprehensive analysis, focused tasks and exam support. I am new to this component and found its text by text breakdown an excellent starting point I particularly liked that each of the frameworks were clearly explored and explained for each text The terminology list is very useful

Students always enjoy anything with the word quiz in it and Text 26 multiple choice quiz doesn't disappoint. Put students into groups and allow them to discuss the three possible answers to these 14 open questions. Emma Litterick, Teaching and Learning Coordinator. We use cookies to deliver functionality and provide you with a better service. By continuing to browse our site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Find out more.

Skip to content. Mode - Spoken with written Purpose - Persuade to visit Paris Builds up a narrative structure, using both modes. Scripted speech including linguistic features such as parrallism to given open ended options. Supported by photos and maps to appeal and futher explain to the reader. Mode - written in a literary nature Purpose - to share experience and opinions of Paris Uses irregular structure to portray opinions, making specific lexical choices to present Paris and pedestrians in contrasting ways. Paris City Guide Genre - guide on Lonely Planet Audience - tourists Mode - spoken with written aspects Purpose - informing about Paris Speaks of Paris in a positive manner using scripted speech to focus on portaying pragmatical stereotypes.

A Level English Language and Literature

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