Long neck and wide neck

Spring Break Teen Party with Daddy Long Neck and Wideneck

long neck and wide neck

Dec 5, David Samuelson Jr., aka the Long Neck guy, recently met Charles Dion McDowell, aka the Wide Neck guy. The video of the meeting went.

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The felon's image has gone viral because of his large neck. Charles McDowell, the wide necked Pensacola man whose mug shot went viral and was later propelled to internet stardom, has found himself in jail again. McDowell was booked in to Escambia County Jail Tuesday night after having his bond relating to drug charges and attempting to elude police revoked, according to jail records. Since last being arrested McDowell was picked up by an Instagram group known as the Shrimp Gang, which consists of online celebrities, including one person with an abnormally long neck known as Daddy Long Neck. McDowell is known as Wide Neck on Instagram where he has 1. McDowell makes appearances at nightclubs and other venues throughout the United States and promotes brands through his Instagram account. Such has been McDowell rise to fame in recent months, he appeared in the celebrity pro-bowl showdown in Orlando Saturday.

I just wanted to make it perfectly clear that this post is meant to be funny and I do not support the music itself. Daddy Long Neck is apparently a Youtube sensation or something. The wide neck guy went viral when his mugshot was posted online and he turned into a meme. The result is the very disturbing Neckst Up music video. I feel sorry for the girl in this video.

Charles Dion McDowell took the internet by storm when his mugshot featuring his large neck baffled people. Not surprisingly, Wide Neck is embracing his newfound fame and just rolling with the memes made in his honor. The two men square up on a parking lot but as they approach, they clasp hands. The video then launches into a montage of Wide Neck and Daddy Long Neck simply having fun at a playground and even riding a carousel. People had plenty of puns for the epic meme war video. Both McDowell and Samuelson became famous because of their attention-grabbing memes.

Via Damn Wide Neck Twitter. A mere two weeks ago, Charles Dion McDowell had his life changed forever when he was arrested on several drug charges. While it would generally be a negative getting arrested, his mugshot was a blessing in disguise despite getting viciously roasted by the entire internet. McDowell, who has a huge neck has made his curse into a gift. But nobody could possibly prepare themselves for what happened this weekend when the two men who are neck and neck for having the most preposterous throats in the world collided. All necks matter!

Instagram-famous wide-neck criminal arrested in Pensacola

Long Neck & Wide Neck Got Matching Tattoos!

All this, of course, leads us to the Wide-Neck Guy. From there, it was only a matter of time before he met Daddy Long-Necků. All Necks Matter?? A post shared by A. Millz millz on Dec 1, at pm PST.


Criminal whose wide neck earned internet fame is back in jail






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