The lord our god is good lyrics and chords

The Lord Our God

the lord our god is good lyrics and chords

Am. say You're the. F. Lord our. C. God. Verse 2. C. In the silence, in the waiting. Am. still we can. F. know You are. C. good. C. All Your plans are for Your glory.

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Arranged by Dan Galbraith in the key of C, Bb. Products for this song include chord charts , lead sheets , choir parts , and the orchestration. Login now or Signup here. Return to The Lord Our God. Link Play. Sheet Music Preview.

These charts may look new to you, but they are used every day by professional studio musicians. The formatting provides a complete road map of a song, which means there is absolutely no guess work in what you are playing. This charting style is based off the "Nashville Number System" and is absolutely the most efficient way to layout a song for musicians to play. When I began using this with my worship teams, I cut our practice time in half, and once the musicians learned it, they loved it! Try out a few of these free charts for yourself!

Goodness of God

The Lord our God is Good

Send song requests to rpepper northroute. Keep checking back! - Verse 1 All have treasured charms of beauty Clung to golden toys of dust Boast in fortune, fame and pleasure Only Jesus we can trust. Verse 2 When our eyes are fixed on Jesus Looking at the crucified So enchained by Jesus vision We lose sight of all beside.


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