Chemistry unit 3 energy and kinetic molecular theory answers

Chemistry Unit 3 Reading Assignment Energy and Kinetic Molecular Theory

chemistry unit 3 energy and kinetic molecular theory answers

Chemistry by Johnson Kinetic Molecular Theory / Gas Pressure

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Nonetheless, a brief bit of background might help you understand how we are going to approach the study of energy. In the 18 th and 19 th centuries scientists wrestled with identifying and describing the nature of the stuff that produced change. One concept that became popular for a while was that of caloric what we now call heat. Caloric was originally conceived of as a quantity that would flow from a hotter object to a cooler one that would warm up as a result. It answered the need for a way for the cause of warming to get from here to there. Not only did caloric serve as a cause for warming, it was also considered to be the cause for changes of phase.

The laws that describe the behavior of gases were well established long before anyone had developed a coherent model of the properties of gases. In this section, we introduce a theory that describes why gases behave the way they do. The theory we introduce can also be used to derive laws such as the ideal gas law from fundamental principles and the properties of individual particles. The kinetic molecular theory of gases A theory that describes, on the molecular level, why ideal gases behave the way they do. Developed during the midth century by several physicists, including the Austrian Ludwig Boltzmann , the German Rudolf Clausius , and the Englishman James Clerk Maxwell , who is also known for his contributions to electricity and magnetism, this theory is based on the properties of individual particles as defined for an ideal gas and the fundamental concepts of physics. Thus the kinetic molecular theory of gases provides a molecular explanation for observations that led to the development of the ideal gas law.

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Gas molecules are constantly moving very, very fast and their direction is completely random.,


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