Justin brent and lisa ann

Notre Dame WR -- Porn Star Breaks Silence ... Here's How We Met ...

justin brent and lisa ann

Lisa Ann Dating Justin Brent Notre Dame Football's Receiver - Latest Pictures And Tweets

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Pictures of Justin Brent getting cozy with year-old porn star Lisa Ann are making the rounds on the Internet. One photo appears to show them in bed. While images from Lisa Ann's Instagram of the two at a Knicks' preseason game Wednesday are pretty tame I am very entertained today by the incredible amount of commentary about my date to the nyknicks Game Last Night.. I am a women NOT held back by my age, lucky for me, because the writers seem to make me out to be a dinosaur.

The salacious story involving Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Justin Brent and his rumored date with porn star Lisa Ann took another sultry turn on Thursday night when a photo surfaced online of the two pictured in a semi-compromising position. The photo, since deleted, but preserved for perpetuity courtesy of a tipster to Deadspin , allegedly depicts Brent and Lisa Ann at the very least shirtless as they share a bed. Of course, as was the case when photos of the two originally surfaced showing them taking in a New York Knicks preseason game on Wednesday night, it warrants noting that Brent is an year-old freshman and Lisa Ann is a year-old adult film actress, making for a relatively raunchy May-December romance, if the two are in fact some kind of bizarre item. You could almost say that their enchanted evening may have culminated with a happy ending … in the parlance of our times. While no official word has come down from either party — nor should it be expected — regarding their purported dalliances or at least date , Lisa Ann did take to Twitter about the same time the above photo began to make its way around the interwebs where she clearly is making some somewhat veiled but easily interpreted references about what she may have been up to as of late.

She shared pics of the pair together on her Instagram page. Damnnn Justin Brent got game! It appears to show Brent and Ann having an intimate party. Ann posted another, more cosy picture of her and Brent on Instagram. Lisa Ann as the Alaska brawler Sarah Palin. Which was based on Vice Presidential candidate Sarah Palin and her perceived sauciness.

To find out how some of our favorite players might be spending their free time, we talked to one of their closest confidants, Lisa Ann—host on Sirius XM Fantasy Sports radio and star of an adult film or two. In the early nineties, athletes could come into strip clubs. I watched everything change when Mike Tyson went to jail. When that happened, everything went underground. Out of that hundred, I may only meet The coolest thing about being Lisa Ann is when I follow an athlete on Twitter, he follows me back and DMs me his number because he cannot be seen following me. As soon as it got blown up, he unfollowed me.

Hmmm…Did we miss something this college football season? Did Justin Brent catch, like, passes for 1, yards and 15 touchdowns? We don't think he did. In fact, we're pretty sure he didn't play a single down for Notre Dame as a freshman. But you'd never know that judging by the women he's been connected to in recent months.

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