Why do guys hit it and quit it

Why do guys hit & quit?

why do guys hit it and quit it

Boys play games; men find love. You're too old to still be tricking women into getting into bed with you. Grow up and actually communicate with the women you .

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Females have developed a survival instinct somewhere between the days of the Caveman and now to combat men who just want to hit and split. That mentally had to evolve from hundreds of years of being tooted and booted. Not every guy is stuck in player mode. Most go in hoping the latest girl is that total package. I maintain that a man never truly knows how he feels about a woman until he has sex with her. From their lists and my own pet peeves, I pulled out a few main reasons why we bail after we get the ass. He met you a month ago why the fuck are you rushing to be in a relationship with him?

Discussion in ' Romance Alley ' started by sojay , Aug 6, Lipstick Alley. This site uses cookies. By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. Learn More. Aug 6, 1. Honestly, Ik this is a women's forum, but in your experience what is normally the reason behind this?

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Someones post made me think of something. Someone was saying how the last 2 guys stopped talking to her after they got sex. And girls on the same thread were saying how it doesnt really matter WHEN you decide to have sex with a guy, its more about how interested the guy is in you and in having a relationship. So it got me thinking. Why do guys decide to ditch after sleeping with a girl only one time? They say guys are always horney and always looking for sex, then why would they cut off a potentially steady stream of sex after just one time.

WTF is wrong with you? Is that really the life you want to lead? One where sex is the be all of everything? Plenty of women are looking for just sex too. So stop going after the women who are looking for more than that — the ones who are trying our hardest to find love. Have you ever even been in love?

Reasons I Hit It And Quit It

Why do guys hit it and quit it?

Sign up or log in to share. If he is telling you he is heartless believe him I'm sure he said that to all the girls he fucked and passed on and they blame him for not listening. Guys hit and quit for different reasons number one being they don't want anything besides the physical sex is all they wanted and after getting it they move on he's cool for admitting it but that doesn't mean he will change for you. Keifer you the man! No really the fact that you can admit that is hella cool. Girls are hilarious, they're told the guy is just gonna hit it and quit it, even by the guy himself, and yet they still want him hahahahah Why do guys hit it and quit it? Guys will be who they have to be to get sex, but once we have sex all those feelings of desire and lust we equate with caring for that person, thinking they're cool or interesting, go out the window.

Why am I never the one? I mean all were different circumstances but with different out comes. I just feel like guys never give me a chance. Do I give it up to easy? Care to much? I think maybe you show you care too much. Be a little bit tough!

Why do guys always hit and quit? Why am I never the one?




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    Females have developed a survival instinct somewhere between the days of the Caveman and now to combat men who just want to hit and split. “He could get it.

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