Love and hip hop atlanta reunion part 2 youtube

Love and Hip Hop S08E18 Reunion Part 2

love and hip hop atlanta reunion part 2 youtube

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season 8 Reunion - Part 2 - KK Shifts Pooh’s Wig - Review

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Hearing Momma Dee—an ex-pimp who was ready to have a mama vs. Crying without tears is like only putting the tip in: People feel you, but not really. As for Mimi, at this point we should all agree that this woman is in an abusive relationship with the truth. I howled when mere seconds after telling host Sommore that she said nothing about Joseline backstage, we were greeted with footage of Mimi in fact trashing Joseline—resulting in Joseline going upside her head, too. Just ask K. Kirk Frost. God bless, though.

Powered by WordPress. Speaking of last week, we do pick up from when Tommie and Spice almost came to blows, but you know the security crew cut that out early. But on a serious note, Tommie has a hard time owning her part in why Spice feels some type of way about her. She tells Tommie that she has a nasty attitude and that people are constantly skirting around it instead of telling her about herself, which enables her bad behavior. Tommie is still saying that Spice was just trying to make look bad. Riiiight…showing up late to rehearsals and attacking producers and everyone around you is actually what makes you look bad.

The show was primarily filmed in Atlanta , Georgia. The series chronicles the lives of several women and men in the Atlanta area, involved in hip hop music. It consists of 18 episodes, including a two-part reunion special hosted by Nina Parker. Michelle , despite persistent rumors of a mass firing, [3] all main cast members from the previous season returned, along with Tommie Lee, who was promoted to the main cast. Although not included in the initial cast announcement, aspiring radio personality Tresure Price, aspiring singer Estelita Quintero, Stevie J 's daughter Savannah Jordan and Tommie's mother Samantha would also appear in supporting roles. On April 19, , VH1 announced that Joseline's Special Delivery , a special documenting the birth of Joseline 's child, will air between the season's eighth and ninth episodes on May 1, The series premiere garnered big ratings for the network, with VH1 announcing a combined rating of 5.

Love & Hip-Hop Atlanta Season 8 Reunion Part 2 Official Thread

The show was primarily filmed in Atlanta , Georgia. Diaz and Vivian Gomez for VH1.

Love & Hip Hop: New York S:7 | Reunion Part: 2 E:16 | AfterBuzz TV AfterShow

Drama has circled around the two after Karlie and Pooh were allegedly a part of a threesome that Karlie denies. Every two to three years, we bring in another woman, I like to have a good time. Pooh Hicks is married to Hiriam Hicks. Hiriam works in the music industry and was the former president to Island Black Music. After three years working together, the two decided it was time to call it quits.

The lie detector test results are finally in and the answers fans have long awaited for were given. Although Pooh still maintained her stance and offered fans the possibility of viewing her own lie detector test, everyone had already made up their mind by then. The only question which brought in suspicion surrounded whether or not there ever was a sexual encounter between Pooh Hicks and Karlie Redd. The lie detector test results came back as inconclusive. Hence, we guess that there are things we simply will never know the truth about. Scrapp discussed the aftermath of finding out his father was alive, the positive moves he has been making ever since his release from jail and adjusting into fatherhood. His uncle Stevie J also apologized once more for not showing up to court for Scrapp when he needed him the most.

‘LHHATLS6’ Reunion Part 2: Joseline Is A Special Kind Of Delusional





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