The largest and strongest bone of the face is the

Facial skeleton

the largest and strongest bone of the face is the

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It consists of a curved, horizontal portion, the body, and two perpendicular portions, the rami, which unite with the ends of the body nearly at right angles. Bones of the upper jaw. There are two maxillae. Bones that form the prominence of the cheeks. There are two zygomatic bones.

What is the strongest bone in the human body?

What is the largest bone in the face?

The facial skeleton comprises the facial bones that may attach to build a portion of the skull. In human anatomy and development, the facial skeleton is sometimes called the membranous viscerocranium , which comprises the mandible and dermatocranial elements that are not part of the braincase. In the human skull , the facial skeleton consists of fourteen bones in the face : [1] [2]. Elements of the cartilaginous viscerocranium i. The ethmoid bone or a part of it and also the sphenoid bone are sometimes included, but otherwise considered part of the neurocranium.

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If you cannot see the Flash Movie playing then you may not have the flash player installed. The latest version of the Flash player can be downloaded free from Macromedia More information and help with installing the Flash Player can be foundon the BBC's Webwise pages. Your skull is made up of two sets of bones - the bones of your face and the bones of your cranium, which make up your forehead and the back of your head. Your cranium is the large bony case that surrounds your delicate brain, protecting it from bumps and knocks. It is made up of eight large flat bones, joined together by fixed joints known as sutures. Your frontal bone forms your forehead, and the tops of your eye sockets. Most of the top and sides of your head are formed by two parietal bones.

The Mandible or lower jawbone is the largest AND strongest bone of the face. In anatomy and physiology the jawbone is known as the mandible. The jawbone is the largest and strongest bone in the face. The strongest bone in your body is your thigh bone or femur and is also the largest bone in the human body. The lacrimal bone, the smallest and most fragile bone of the "face", is situated at the front part of the medial wall of the orbit. The largest bone in your body is the femur, which is the longest, as well as the largest bone in your body. The largest bone in the body is the femur your thigh bone.


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