Pros and cons of owning a corn snake

Pros and Cons of Keeping Corn Snakes

pros and cons of owning a corn snake

they want to keep. This section outlines the pros and cons of keeping a Corn Snake. Relatively cheap to buy and not expensive to feed. Unlikely to get ill .

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Each snake breed is different. While keeping a corn snake is a good experience, it may not be for everyone. One must carefully assess the positive and negative things about keeping a snake, and the particular breed of snake they want to keep. If you find that you actually want to breed corn snakes, keep in mind that there is much more you need to know besides the basics of taking care of a growing corn snake. In this chapter, we will discuss how to breed and raise your corn snakes to keep or sell. Who knows, you .

So, if you are a snake fanatic and enjoy interacting with your snake, a Corn Snake would make a good pet. It takes a lot to provoke a Corn Snake to bite you, and with at least weekly handling, your Corn Snake will quickly become comfortable with you handling it frequently. If this happens, you are not likely to get any serious injuries, though the bite may be a little painful. If you do get bitten, place the snake back in its habitat and give it time to calm down. Meanwhile, clean your wound to prevent infection. If you want to learn more about what to do when a snake bites you, click this link to read an article we wrote all about snake bites, including what to do when your bit and other facts about snake bites. Another pro that I saw frequently listed on various snake websites was the small size of a Corn Snake.

Learn something new every day More Info As with most any animal that can be kept as a pet, having a corn snake as a pet has both positive and negative aspects. Some good things about pet corn snakes are they are easy to care for, not poisonous, and are generally healthy. Negative aspects to having a corn snake as a pet include the fact that they may escape easily, are not legal to own in certain places, and can cost a good deal of money in terms of equipment and food. Having a corn snake as a pet has many pros. Corn snakes are normally submissive and calm in temperament.

Why do people choose corn snakes as pets, over other species? What makes this particular species such a good choice for a pet? These are some of the most common questions I've received over the years. So I thought I would offer my views on what makes Pantherophis guttatus one of the best species to keep as a pet. My background: I have kept garter snakes, Hog Island boas, "regular" boa constrictors, Brazilian rainbow boas, indigo snakes, gopher snakes, corn snakes, kingsnakes, ball pythons and more.

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Is a corn snake a good pet? What are its pros and cons?


10 Pros and Cons of Having a Corn Snake as a Pet

June edited June in Parent Cafe. My high school age daughter has wanted a corn snake for a LONG time and brings it up periodically. She is generally cheerful and reliable. Since there is no daily feeding , I am not likely to have to be the feeder if a sleep over or something comes up. Does anyone have any experience with keeping them? My main concerns are smell and bacteria such as salmonella. I am not afraid of them.


Corn snakes - pros and cons



So when I explain the pros and cons of keeping corn snakes as pets, I am basing it on 20 years of It's a personal choice you'll have to make on your own.
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