Young indiana jones and the attack of the hawkmen

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones (1995) – Attack of the Hawkmen

young indiana jones and the attack of the hawkmen

Young Indiana Jones and the Attack of the Hawkmen is the second made-for-TV movie based on the television series The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles.

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It originally aired October 8, , on The Family Channel. It was re-titled Attack of the Hawkmen for release on home video in as the twelfth entry in The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones. The home video edit is nearly identical to the broadcast version. Chapter 12 in the complete adventures of Indiana Jones finds Indy flying high with the Lafayette Escadrille before being shot down by the infamous Red Baron of Germany in this action-packed film. Working with the French Secret Service, Indy joins the legendary Lafayette Escadrille flying unit and embarks on dangerous airborne reconnaisance missions behind enemy lines.

Twenty-eight episodes were produced by Paramount Pictures and Lucasfilm , though four were unaired during the series' original —93 run on ABC. The entire series was edited into twenty-two feature-length films later that year. All of the films were released on DVD throughout and The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles debuted on ABC on March 4, with the feature-length episode Young Indiana Jones and the Curse of the Jackal , which served to introduce the character at the two ages he would be portrayed as in the show. The five subsequent episodes in season one were hour-long. Season Two began on September 21, with the episode "Austria, March ", and the seventeen subsequent episodes consisted of both new episodes and some episodes originally produced for the first season—each an hour long.

Indiana Sean Patrick Flanery takes to the air, and fights behind the lines in the next adventure he finds himself on. The script, written by Matthew Jacobs, Rosemary Anne Sisson, and Ben Burtt sees our young hero serving now with the French Secret Service, which serves as a rather large launching point for his next story. Indy and Remy Ronny Coutteure are in France where some paperwork is forged to allow them to become real spies, as Indiana is convinced by his time with Albert Schweitzer to do everything they can to end the war and fight for what they believe is right. Remy is assigned a position at home in Brussels, separating the two men, while Indy returns to the front to do photographic reconnaissance. Working with a volunteer American unit, Indy is to take photos over enemy territory.

Post a Comment. About This Blog. To Watch: Click Here. Synopsis in 3 sentences or less:. Indiana Jones receives spy training and goes to work for an American unit in the French Army as a photographer based in airplanes, and he crosses paths with the German fighter ace known as the Red Baron. Later, Indy goes into Germany on a mission to convince a young scientist to switch sides from the Central Powers to the Allies. Memorable Quote: It's great to see you!

The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles - Chapter 12: Attack Of The Hawkmen







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