Chicago nasal and sinus center


chicago nasal and sinus center

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At the Northwestern Sinus and Allergy Center, patients with disorders involving the nasal passages and sinuses receive care from sub-specialized experts in a university-based private practice setting. Conditions that are managed include allergies, nasal and sinus infections, taste and smell disorders, deviated septum, nasal obstruction, asthma, nasal polyps, tumors involving the nose and sinuses, and issues that affect the cosmetic appearance of the nose. During the visit, patients are given access to both an allergist and an otolaryngologist ENT specialist , each of whom has special skills, training, and expertise in the management of nasal and sinus disorders. The Center is able to offer comprehensive services, including in-office CT scans, endoscopy, smell evaluation, allergy testing, spirometry, and rhinoplasty consultations. The Northwestern Sinus and Allergy Center is also engaged in a variety of clinical and basic science studies to investigate why nasal and sinus diseases occur and to continually develop better ways of treatment.

These conditions may include chronic nasal congestion, recurring or lingering sinus infections, sinus pressure headaches, allergies, snoring and sleep apnea. By limiting the scope of our practice We are able to offer allergy skin testing to identify indoor and outdoor allergens. Voice disorders can be due to a wide range of conditions. Our clinic provides voice therapy for both professional voice users teachers, singers, actors, attorneys, television and radio broadcasters, public speakers, etc.

Loyola has the only major sinus center for children in the Midwest—in fact, very few sinus surgeons are able to perform these extremely delicate operations on children. Patients from throughout the Midwest come to the center seeking a second opinion after being treated unsuccessfully elsewhere. Doctors at Loyola pioneered the use of endoscopic methods using a small camera for diagnosing and treating sinus disease and have achieved excellent results. Loyola continues to provide the most advanced treatment options for nasal and sinus conditions, offering minimally invasive options whenever possible. Our otolaryngologists have extensive experience in the following surgical treatments:.

Jordan Pritikin and Dr. During inhalation, the rapid passage of air through the nose creates negative pressure, pulling the nostrils inward and crowding the nasal passages. If the cartilage is weak, the nasal sidewalls collapse inward, effectively closing off the nose. Caballero, the LATERA absorbable nasal implant supports this tissue, preventing collapse and allowing people to breathe better through their nose without a major operation and without any change in their appearance. Not only does this carry risk of injury or disfigurement, the addition of more tissue into a crowded space may actually worsen the problem. Research shows that the LATERA implant can relieve obstruction by stiffening the nasal sidewalls without adding bulk or changing the appearance of the nose, allowing surgeons to address multiple causes of nasal obstruction. We are proud to be among the first practices to offer LATERA to our patients and believe that it demonstrates our commitment to staying at the forefront of medicine and patient care.


Chicago Nasal & Sinus Center

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