Jewish family and childrens services


jewish family and childrens services

For over 60 years JFS has been committed to supporting and strengthening family life. The agency began as a refugee resettlement service and has evolved .

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Fresh fruits, vegetables, snack foods, and non-perishable items will be available. A vegetarian dinner prepared by congregants will be served at p. Food pantry distribution is first-come, first-served until food runs out. Open to the community. No proof of income is necessary, but you must self-attest to need. The Pantry is choice-based and allows clients to shop for their food instead of picking up a prepared bag. This follows our philosophy of empowering clients to care effectively for themselves and others.

For over 60 years JFS has been committed to supporting and strengthening family life. The agency began as a refugee resettlement service and has evolved into a comprehensive social service and mental health agency providing services to individuals and families in need regardless of race, religion, color, national origin, sex, age or disability. Services include community-based geriatric services, family counseling, crisis intervention, case management, child-centered mental health services, school consultations and domestic violence services, including but not limited to:. She has specialized training in addictions, mental illness, family violence and contextual family therapy. At JFS, she provides psychiatric evaluations and medication management for children to adults. She can be reached at m. During her time there, Mrs.

We do this by providing comprehensive, innovative, compassionate and exceptional social service programs for everyone who walks through our door and throughout the Greater Pittsburgh region. Without the financial support of our donors, and the time and talents of volunteers, the work of JFCS would not be possible. For more than 80 years, JFCS has remained vital and relevant in our community and always available to respond no matter how difficult the problem. By continuously adapting our programs and services, we meet the changing needs of our dynamic and diverse population. We are a known leader in providing innovative and effective solutions to problems facing families and individuals of all ages in our region. Our phone rings from dawn to dusk with people asking for help. Whether they lost their job, need food, are newcomers in the United States or are reaching out for counseling - when someone says "I need help", we step up and support them.

We help solve the problems in people’s lives.

Jewish Family & Children's Services

Children & Adolescents

Its services are non-sectarian. There are over 3, employees and 2, volunteers serving over 43, New Yorkers annually at its community-based programs, residential facilities, and day-treatment centers in each of the five boroughs as well as Westchester County. The Jewish Board was created through the successive mergers of New York-area Jewish charitable organizations. In it became the Jewish Social Services Association. In , psychiatrist Peter B. Neubauer , then director of New York's Child Development Center, began a multi-year " nature versus nurture " twin study to observe how the separated siblings would fare in different environments. This involved at least five sets of identical twins and one set of triplets deliberately separated and placed into adoptive families by Louise Wise Services under Doctor Viola Bernard 's policies.

JFCS is a fully accredited, community-based social service organization that delivers counseling, prevention, intervention, outreach and education programs on a secular, non-denominational basis. Stay up to date and connected to what's happening with our mission and the children we serve. Copy your My Saved Resources unique link to paste into other documents. Stay Connected Contact. Related Resources Save Watch this animated infographic to learn more. It explains that addiction is a disease that involves changes in the structure and function of the brain, which can result in compulsive substance use.

Browse all services. Raising children today is more challenging than ever before, especially in the Bay Area. Written by Beth Berkowitz, Psy. There is no doubt that the most recent tragedy in Pennsylvania has escalated our fears. With this sad reminder of the painful consequences of anti-Semitism, rac Our lives can feel upside down or even unlivable if someone seeks to harm us through bullying or deliberate behaviors to maintain a pattern of power and control—the definition of domestic violence. The handwritten diary—miraculously discovered intact amidst the rubble at Auschwitz—is a





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