Cookies and cream pudding shots

Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots Recipe

cookies and cream pudding shots

Key Lime Pudding Shots

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Spike your favorite instant pudding with your favorite vodka and liqueurs. Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots. Prep 15 min Total 1 hr 15 min Servings By Jelly Shot Test Kitchen. Ingredients 1. Steps Hide Images. Pour pudding mix and milk into a bowl and stir until well blended.

First, there were jello shots ; now there's the pudding shot! Oh, how we love to bring our childhood favorites into the world for 'Adults-Only. These spiked little treats are fun party favors and can be made up, stored, and brought out at the perfect time. Just like their jiggly counterparts, you can take them anywhere your flavor cravings desire. The great thing about pudding shots is that they are very easy to make even easier than jello shots.

If you like the combination of cookies and cream, you are going to love these luscious cookies and cream pudding shots! He loves cookies and cream shakes, cookies and cream ice cream, cookies and cream candy… so why not cookies and cream pudding shots?
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Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots are a magical little creation that combine cookies and cream instant pudding, milk, more crushed cookies, and cake flavored vodka! They are creamy, delicious, and boozy. Little shots of heaven to brighten up any party. I want to make pudding shots in every single flavor. One of the things I love most about pudding shots is how easy they come together. You just need a few simple ingredients for this recipe:. Still not sure how to make this?

Rumchata Oreo Pudding Shots

This post includes affiliate links. Please see my disclosure. - Time to take some of those childhood favorites and give them a grown-up makeover.

Party Cocktails: Cookies & Cream Pudding Shots

No matter how old you are, Oreo cookies can always put a smile on your face and bring you back to your childhood days. This crunchy cookie adult snack will absolutely do just that. Here is how to make Oreo cookie pudding shots. To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has also been viewed 69, times. Categories: Featured Articles Pudding Shots. Learn more




Cookies and Cream Pudding Shots





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