Jeopardy questions and answers today

'Jeopardy!' question on the University of Vermont answered by contestant James Holzhauer

jeopardy questions and answers today

Jeopardy Watson's Final Jeopardy Answer Fail


James Holzhauer might have dominated the game and broken records — including coming close to Ken Jennings' for highest winnings in regular-season play — for most of his game winning streak on Jeopardy! Holzhauer had 12 games in which he didn't give a wrong answer, but he also had games where he answered as many as three or four questions incorrectly. That included one instance in which he gave a wrong answer to a Final Jeopardy! He also answered four Daily Doubles incorrectly, though the last time he did that was on April Going into Monday's game, the year-old professional sports gambler had won 32 straight games, with only 36 incorrect answers. Congrats on another win, James. You're officially ChasingKen.

His fast-moving style of play has flabbergasted competitors and upended the normally reserved format of the game. By one estimate Holzhauer is on track to beat the Jennings record in well under half as many games. So what is Holzhauer doing, and how can retirement investors profit from his example? The first thing to realize is that Holzhauer knows a lot of obscure facts. He has been playing competitive trivia in bars for years. The second thing to understand is that Holzhauer is a gambler by profession, so he understands risk. Which he does.

Today's Final Jeopardy answer (in the category U.S. History) and statistics for the Wednesday, August 28 game between Team Buzzy, Team Colby, and Team.
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Welcome to Jeopardy. Here you can play games, learn about upcoming tests, stay up to date on J! On this page you will find the answers to Jeopardy! The answers are given first, and the contestants supply the questions. In what might be described as a shining achievement of fandom, a towering monument to obsession, or both, a team of Jeopardy!

Get stories, quizzes and discounts delivered to your inbox by signing up for our newsletter. But we've been tuning in for years, mostly hoping there will be a category we do know—like classic TV. Here, we've gone through this archive of Jeopardy! Think this is the kind of Jeopardy! We do, too. Take the quiz below and see if you can emerge from Final Jeopardy! Good luck!

Leaked ‘Jeopardy!’ Footage May Reveal Fate Of James Holzhauer’s Winning Streak

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    Today's Final Jeopardy answer (in the category European Artists) and statistics for the Friday, August 30, game between Team Julia, Team Austin, and.

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