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give me ten good men and ill impregnate the bitch


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She may not believe that the Night King and the army of the dead are real at this point, but I liked how Tyrion convinced her helping Jon in the mining would not hurt her one bit and could only help her in the long run. Why Volantis? Is she going to get more red priests and priestesses to preach that Daenerys is Azor Ahai, the prince that will save them from the darkness? Or is it something else which is the likelier option? And even more interesting, that Varys will also die in Westeros according to her prediction.

Map showing the location of Casterly Rock on the continent of Westeros. Casterly Rock is the ancestral stronghold of House Lannister. It is located on the Western coast of Westeros on a rocky promontory overlooking the Sunset Sea. It overlooks the major city of Lannisport. A major goldmine is located under Casterly Rock.

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But Cersei also had a bit of justice served on herself. This echoes something Ser Barristan Selmy remember him? Two clearly noble men who long for peace rather than conflict. If you remember, Sandor was very unimpressed that Arya named her sword. In this episode, Jon is speaking to Daenerys about her father, the Mad King, and how he had his grandfather, Rickard Stark, killed. Jon refused to bend the knee to Daenerys, creating a bit of friction between the pair. Anyway, his refusal to bend the knee proved Tormund right about a prediction he made back in Season 4.

It seems like they sent in Marcos aka Eclipse and Lorna aka Polaris with several others to help free a few captives being held inside. Pulse automatically thinks this is bad and he should have been sent in first instead of being back-up since his powers can disrupt electrical systems and deactivate the alarms. Right after pleading his case with Thunderbird, Marcos and Lorna come bolting out of nowhere informing them that the plan has gone south and that the rest of the team that went in with them is dead. They all agree it is time for a retreat, but Gus hangs back a little bit to use his powers to disable the turrent guns to give them some cover. His plan works, but at the cost of him being shot in the back. Catlin Strucker has come up with a plan though, instead of attacking the facility they are in they will attack the convoy that will be transporting them. It is a good plan, but they will need to know the route of the convoy.

Casterly Rock

Above, Varys finds Melisandre watching. She has decided that discretion is the better part of valor when it comes to meeting Ser Davos Seaworth who, you may remember, promised to kill her for her role in the death of Shireen Baratheon. She announces that she's played her part; she brought ice and fire together.




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