Jennifer lopez and milo ventimiglia

Milo Ventimiglia Dishes on His Hot Shower Scene With Jennifer Lopez

jennifer lopez and milo ventimiglia

It wasn't like Milo Ventimiglia was waiting to be discovered. As the star of hit comedy-drama series This Is Us, currently riding high in the US.

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By Roxana Hadadi Film December 24, And can you believe Lopez is 49? Her cleavage alone throughout this movie looks better than any part of my body has ever looked at any age of my life. Otherwise, this is an incredibly paint-by-numbers genre project—a movie that clues you in on all of its plot twists a half-hour so before they happen, but then you still have to sit through that next half-hour. Lopez stars as the year-old Maya Lopez , who has for the past 15 years worked at a big-box store in Queens, with the most recent six as assistant manager. She has a loyal boyfriend in baseball coach Trey Ventimiglia , who joins her in the shower the morning of her birthday, and a loyal best friend in Joan Remini , who works with her and immediately jumps to her defense whenever, wherever. Ahem, an aside.

It wasn't like Milo Ventimiglia was waiting to be discovered. As the star of hit comedy-drama series This Is Us, currently riding high in the US television ratings, the actor is already at the level where merely walking the streets takes a certain tolerance of paparazzi and fans. But, still, when he got a phone call from Jennifer Lopez - the Jennifer Lopez - asking him to star in her new movie, Second Act, it did represent a benediction of sorts. We talked about the script, we felt there was work to do on these characters. We had met quite a few times - our shows were on the same network. We'd known one another socially. She enjoyed This Is Us.

Milo Ventimiglia sure knows how to make an entrance. In the premiere episode of NBC's This Is Us , the year-old actor walked across the room and gave viewers a glimpse of his butt —a scene he's been asked about endlessly since it first aired in News' Justin Sylvester sat down with him over the weekend, where he broke the scene down: "I'll tell you how you prepare. You talk to yourself and say, 'Motherf--ker, just be cool! In reality, sharing an intimate moment with someone else onscreen wasn't anything out of the ordinary.

Also a reality? She wants you. Once I finally landed on set, she was the coolest, most hard-working, most naturally gifted partner out there. We enjoyed ourselves. It was really fun.

Jennifer Lopez and Milo Ventimiglia play a couple in the upcoming rom-com "Second Act," but fans have seen precious little footage of them together — until now. Lopez took to Twitter late Tuesday to share a new trailer for the movie that's literally steamy. The sexy second clip finds Ventimiglia surprising Lopez in the shower. Heads up SecondAct first look! The trailer opens with Ventimiglia, who plays Trey, dressed in a sleeveless undershirt, pulling back a shower curtain to offer Lopez's character, Maya, a sandwich with a candle burning in it.

J. Lo and Milo Ventimiglia get steamy in new 'Second Act' trailer — watch it now



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