North and south korea news

North Korea snubs peace talks with South Korea over war drills

north and south korea news

[NEWS IN-DEPTH] Diagnosis on S. Korea's diplomatic complications

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North Korea. North Korea's new warheads could penetrate missile shield, says Japan. Published: 28 Aug G7: Trump's demands for Russia's readmission cause row in Biarritz. Published: 25 Aug North Korea's Kim Jong-un oversaw test of 'super large multiple rocket launcher'.

The East Asian nation established its independence in , splitting from South Korea in a battle over sovereignty that triggered the Korean War in and that remains a source of tension between the two countries to this day. Since its founding, North Korea has been ruled by the Kim family , currently headed by Kim Jong-un , under a state-run socialist government that many consider to be a Stalinist dictatorship.
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Formerly a single nation that was annexed by the Empire of Japan in , the two nations have been divided since the end of World War II in and engaged in the Korean War from — North Korea is a one-party state run by the Kim dynasty. South Korea was formerly governed by one-party military dictatorships until when it held direct elections. Both nations claim the entire Korean peninsula. Both nations joined the United Nations in and are recognized by most member states. Since the s, both nations started informal diplomatic dialogues in order to ease military tensions. In , President of South Korea Kim Dae-jung became the first president to visit North Korea , 55 years after the peninsula was divided.

There's no place on Earth like North Korea It has the world's fourth-largest standing military, highly-trained special forces, chemical weapons and a nuclear arsenal. Its citizens are closed off from the rest of the world and many are hugely impoverished. But the winds of change could be blowing. Kim Jong Un, the country's young leader, made his debut on the diplomatic stage in , meeting with some of the world's most powerful leaders. He has publicly committed his country to a path of peace and denuclearization. Big questions remain however.

North Korea–South Korea relations

It was the seventh time North Korea had tested short-range ballistic missiles or other projectiles since late last month. South Korean defense officials provided no further details on the latest launch, adding that they were analyzing data acquired through radar and other intelligence-gathering equipment. The tests came after South Korea decided on Thursday to terminate an intelligence-sharing agreement with Japan under which the two key allies of the United States had shared tracking data on missiles fired by the North.




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