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death and taxes mtg modern

Budget Magic: $93 (13 tix) Mono-White Taxes (Modern, Magic Online)


Last time , a lot of you asked for more in-depth statistical analysis of the results and I decided to oblige. The problem is that traditional tests yielded unusual results. Most stats questions are multiple choice but this was a yes or no question, and that means a different series of tests that I never learned in school. This is a deck that will consistently win 3. The problem is a combination of unpredictability, ineffective mana denial, and a relative lack of power. The tools are all there for the deck to be great, but the Modern metagame is too large for DnT to really tax its opponents.

The Open in Cincinnati pulled well over 1, players, which made it the largest to date. Tremendous attendance for large-scale Modern events has become the rule over the course of the past year. Entry to Grand Prix Pittsburgh hit the cap and completely sold out days before the event! Today I am going to talk about a unique flavor of deck that my friend Alex Fay played to a 34th place finish out of 1, players in Cincinnati last weekend record with no byes. Top to bottom, the deck is the same archetype: white, creature-based mana denial that simply replaces the banned cards with similar, Modern-legal ones! At its core the deck is a white resource-denial prison deck based around creatures and lands. The theme is that all of your cards make it difficult or impossible for your opponent to execute their game plan.

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Death and Taxes strategies are a big part of Modern and Legacy. The combination of mana denial and value creatures can beat a wide variety of opposition. The headliner for this archetype is Thalia, Guardian of Thraben. Adding an extra mana to their sweeper, or even forcing a Tron deck to wait an extra turn or two for Karn or Ugin, can be the difference between winning and losing, and Thalia is always an impactful creature. It hinders fetchlands while ruining the day of many important Modern cards like Expedition Map and Scapeshift as well as all of the other ways to search lands out of your deck. It also combos well with our own mana base. Ghost Quarter becomes Strip Mine against a tapped out opponent.

Well it happened. Stoneforge Mystic has been unbanned in Modern. This may surprise some newer players, but Stoneforge Mystic has actually never been played in the Modern format. Stoneforge along with Jace, the Mind Sculptor were banned in Standard and then when the Modern format was announced, were moved across to the Modern banlist. As Modern has shifted closer to a turn 3 format, many have argued the power level of a turn 3 Batterksull. Does my deck care about a turn 3 Batterskull? Some decks like Infect, Ad Nauseam, Whir Prison Tron and Amulet Titan will most likely not even care about it, however some of the more aggressive decks will.

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Bolts and Taxes




Modern Maverick with Stoneforge Mystic








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