Sweet tea and cornbread facebook

Southern Sweet Tea Recipe! {Southern Heaven}

sweet tea and cornbread facebook

Sweet Tea and Cornbread. K likes. This is a page about southern food and culture, particularly the Kentucky south. Visit the main site at.

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This Southern Sweet Tea Recipe is for you! Are you ready for the tastiest way to cool down on a hot day? Southern Sweet Tea to the rescue! Make it up by the pitcher, and store some in your refrigerator to satisfy those cravings on a whim. Are you ready?

If Southerners have strong feelings about anything, it's cornbread. And college football, but mostly cornbread. We all have our favorite recipes, most of them passed down through generations. And we all have our little secrets about how we make it, and we all adhere to our favorite tricks -- how to make sure it's not too dry and it doesn't stick. Because nothing's worse than cornbread that sticks to the bottom of your cast-iron. But if you want to see a Southerner get emotional about cornbread -- I mean, real, real , riled up, y'all -- ask them if they prefer sweet or unsweet cornbread.

This "Pecan Streusel Banana Pudding" would be a perfect dessert for your weekend gathering. Everyone loves this!!! If you are looking for a great recipe for coleslaw, this is it!!! It 's a bit different, but so yummy!!! If you like German Chocolate, this cake is amazing!!!

I just made this for dinner and the family loved it! I used ground turkey instead of ground chuck.
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Fried Cucumbers! I have had so many cucumbers this year, so I am using them in every way possible. I mean there are only so many salads you can eat! It has been said we will bread and fry anything in the south and it will be good!!! That's almost the truth!!! Why not fried cucumbers then? We fry squash, okra, green tomatoes, pickles, mushrooms

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Here's why you shouldn't put sugar in your cornbread








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