Freddy harteis and linsey toole

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freddy harteis and linsey toole

“Never one time has Freddy brought up your name or drug it through the mud where it Freddy Harteis with Linsey Toole and their daughter.


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Freddy Harteis with Linsey Toole and their daughter. Freddy Harteis/Instagram “ It's just crazy. You hear all the time that money can change.
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It was all in the context of discussing Mary J. And that really taught me a lesson today about looking out for myself. Today in GirlChat: Jeannie opens up about her divorce. Mai opening up about her split from Harteis is nothing new, and that may be why his new girlfriend, Linsey Toole, spoke up and called Mai out for talking about him on the show. Never one time has Freddy brought up your name or drug it through the mud where it belongs. Every week you got some new dramatic story so that you can get more pitty [sic] and more attention.

Jeannie Mai's Ex-Husband's Girlfriend Accuses Star of 'Making Up Lies for More Attention'

Linsey Toole

‘The Real’ Host Jeannie Mai Finally Settles Divorce, Keeps $1.2 Million L.A. Mansion

Get the scoop. And, in the last four months, I have been walking on the clouds because of the thought of us having a miracle of our own and yesterday, my heart about burst out of my chest when we found out our precious child, would be our precious DAUGHTER. I cannot wait to hold and kiss my sweet girl, she will be crazy beautiful like her mama. Inside and out! I am overwhelmed with excitement and hope for this beautiful little life on the way! Heightened hound dog sense of smell. Foods you once enjoyed you swear you will never eat again.

The clip was then shared on Instagram, prompting a number of viewers to show their support of Mai. How many more lies are you going to make up before you are satisfied? Freddy and I are both working our butts off to have what we have. Not because you gave anything. And God has blessed him fruitfully in doing so!


Jeannie Mai’s Ex Husband Is Expecting A Child w/ Girlfriend








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