John cougar jack and diane

Jack And Diane chords by John Cougar Mellencamp

john cougar jack and diane

"Jack & Diane" is a hit rock song written and performed by American singer- songwriter John Mellencamp, then performing as "John Cougar." It appears on.

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Little ditty bout jack and diane Two American kids growin up in the heartland Jacky's gonna be a football star Diane debutante backseat of Jacky's car. Suckin' on chili dogs outside the tastee freeze Diane's sittin' on Jacky's lap He's got his hand between her knees Jacky say Hey Diane lets run off Behind a shady tree Dribble off those Bobby Brooks Let me do what I please. And Jacky Say. Oh yeah life goes on Long after the thrill of livin is gone Oh yeay say life goes on Long after the thrill of livin is gone, they walk on. Jacky sits back reflects his thoughts for the moment Scratches his head and does his best james dean. Well you know diane, we oughtta run of the city Diane says Baby, you aint missin' no-thing Jacky say a.

Instead of describing the difficulties of being in an interracial relationship, he imbued the lyrics with hallmarks of his own small-town upbringing and referenced universal issues of growing up and moving on. Gehman had worked on previous Cougar recordings, and the two appeared to share ideas about a straight-forward sound. Enter the Bee Gees, the disco titans with whom Gehman had worked previously. He programmed the steady beat for the first half of the song. But there was still the big drum moment that Mellencamp desired.

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The drummer, who appears in the new documentary film Hired Gun , recounts the making of one of his most famous tracks. The process of writing, arranging, rehearsing, and recording a John Cougar Mellencamp song went something like this: John would come to rehearsal with a song and either play it on his acoustic guitar while singing, or play a cassette tape of him playing and singing it. The challenge for me was always to come up with a simple, cool beat that would make the song special and inspire John and the band to come up with cool hook lines, parts, and arrangements for the song, and to ultimately get his song on the radio to be a number-one hit single. He wanted my drum parts to be hook lines, and they were for a lot of his songs. This beat, and the groove and all our parts together, sounded great for the first intro, verse, and chorus, but there was no way this would work all the way through the song. Everything is more exaggerated in the studio. When we walked by their room, we heard the relentless programmed groove of the song they were working on.

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The single spent four weeks at number one on the Billboard Hot in , and is Mellencamp's most successful hit single. When I play it on guitar by myself, it sounds great; but I could never get the band to play along with me.

Mellencamp John Cougar - Jack And Diane Lyrics

John Mellencamp's hit -- which he released under the name John Cougar -- has since become iconic, along with its two characters, the football star and the debutante who spend their time "suckin' on chili dogs outside the Tastee Freez. The singer-songwriter tried to stick with his original vision at first, but he was eventually persuaded otherwise, he told host Marc Lamont Hill. I mean, that's the whole point. This is really a song about race relationships and a white girl being with a black guy, and that's what the song's about. A Vulture piece quoted a hardcore Mellencamp fan as saying the singer "abandoned that idea because he thought it was a little much for the early eighties.





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    The drummer, who appears in the new documentary film Hired Gun , recounts the making of one of his most famous tracks.

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