How to record gameplay and voice on xbox one

Xbox One Screen Recorder: How to Record Xbox One Gameplay

how to record gameplay and voice on xbox one

This post explains how you can record your Xbox One gameplay with your audio using simple tricks & hacks, or by using dedicated speciialized.


There are many Xbox Gamers who are at a professional level when it comes to Xbox Gaming. They have a dedicated community, YouTube channels, and so on. There are also gamers who would want to do the same. So the basic questions here how do you record gameplays. While Xbox One does offer the option to record game clips and even stream on sites like Mixer or Twitch, they are either limited or mostly real time. If you are making a tutorial or trying to make a quality video, you need to get your raw footage on your PC, and then upload anywhere you want. You will need to use the same Microsoft account, decent network connection.

Watch the video Record game clips. Note This video is available in English only. To capture a screenshot instead, press the Y button instead of the X button. Note The screenshot is taken when you press the Xbox button. Pressing the Y button saves it. To see your captures, select Manage captures. Select any capture to see what you can do with it.

The culture of game streaming is on peak these days and that is why most of the popular companies like Sony and Microsoft etc are offering rich functionality and features in devices to boost the live streaming abilities. In this article, we will show you 4 easy ways to record and share Xbox One gameplay on YouTube. This is a tutorial on how to record your Xbox one games. Some of its main features include recording high paced games at up to fps, recording screen and webcam simultaneously. Download the free trial version below. Microsoft has embedded so many interesting features into Xbox One.

There are a variety of capture settings you can change so your video, audio, and screenshots are just the way you want them for gaming. At the top of the Captures screen will show the folder location of where screenshots and game clips are automatically stored. You can quickly access that location, by pressing the Open folder button. To change where your game clips are saved, use File Explorer to move the Captures folder anywhere you want on your PC. Windows will continue to save your game clips and screenshots in that folder wherever you put it. Background recording is for capturing something awesome that just happened in a game.

How to record a gameplay video on Xbox One

How To Record Xbox One Gameplay With Voice





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