Ariana grande and liz gillies

This Video Of Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies Singing 'Rent' Songs Gives 'Victorious' Vibes

ariana grande and liz gillies

Ariana Grande & Liz Gillies Singing “Take Me Or Leave Me” RENT 2019

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Did y'all know Ariana Grande got her start on Broadway? Yup, before she was the biggest pop star on the planet and even before she was a Nickelodeon staple, she was in a Jason Robert Brown musical called She was one of those kids who made you feel hella unaccomplished because there were literal children on Broadway. It brought her and her Victorious co-star, Liz Gillies, together, though, which brings us to today. The two reunited this weekend and reminded us of their Broadway roots by singing some show tunes. It's not clear where this little Broadway singalong is going down, but that doesn't matter as much as what's going down in the video. The two women are singing their damn faces off and it's amazing.

That Ariana Grande reign just won't let up. Over the course of the past week alone, the year-old has broken multiple huge records which most artists could only dream of. The LP amassed million streams in the US in its first 7 days. Ariana Grande has rewritten the rules of pop with thank u, next. However, before Ariana became Ariana the popstar we know today, she was an actress.

There have been many things said about Ariana Grande's character since her catapult into the upper echelons of pop stardom. Unfortunately, many of these have focused on her "feuds" with co-stars, apparent diva commands, and now-infamous issues with doughnut establishments. There have been rumors upon rumors, but one set of people getting her through the hard times in the public eye are Grande's select group of close friends. The singer seems to prefer quality over quantity, and her celebrity friends have been there through thick and thin. One relationship that is especially sweet is Ariana Grande's friendship with Elizabeth Gillies , who she has known since the were kids on the Broadway show, And they've had some adorable moments throughout the years. After appearing on Broadway together, the girls reunited as co-stars on Nickelodeon's Victorious and even recorded some songs together.

Ariana Grande has come a long, long way from the days of playing Cat Valentine on Victorious. Grande not only has transcended her Nickelodeon stardom but has single-handedly thrust herself into becoming a pop-culture phenomenon. While still an entertainer, you only need to look at her Twitter follower count to realize the size of her influence. No longer is she the cute, but always-clueless Cat Valentine but instead is an empowering voice for women, a pop-culture icon, and one powerhouse of a singer. If you were like me, then you probably figured Grande would slip into the slew of one-day forgettable side characters on Nickelodeon.

Ariana Grande has been in the spotlight for years now, but never more so than in the last year. Everything she posts on social media becomes a topic of conversation, from her engagement and subsequent breakup to Pete Davidson to the recent Grammy controversy. Since taking time off from dating, Grande has been spending a lot of time with friends, including Liz Gillies. While some may forget this, Grande got her big break on the Nickelodeon series Victorious , about a group of teens at a performing arts high school. Grande played Cat Valentine, a ditzy yet lovable girl with bright red hair on the series.

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