And wine good ending

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine – how to get the best ending

and wine good ending

A tangle of choices, none of them good, determine Toussaint's fate at the conclusion of Blood and Wine. Spoilers, obviously. The page, part of.

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You have the choice to either spare him or kill him but I have no idea how I got that ending. I chose to kill him and it ended where I was being bailed out of prison by dandelion who was there to help the duchess during her mourning. Seems like if you forgot to purchase the ribbon from the flint selling girl, she wont be able to disappear before the boss fight and will die. There is supposed to be a 3rd — bonus ending. I read somewhere that you could unlock a 3rd ending as a bonus by doing something during the story. Also yennefer although not both at the same time I think and not sure about triss. I got Triss there..

Do you think that it is best to save Syanna and kill Dettlaff? Or to let him kill Syanna and let Dettlaff go? It seemed like Syanna, whether she had justified reasons to do what she did or not which is also debatable , was the real villain. Dettlaff was just led along, and I always felt bad about killing him. The better, and most moral ending in my opinion is to let Dettlaff go and let Syanna die. But it just feels like the better choice. He usually hates killing sentient creatures, and finds a better way to settle things than just killing them.

Pomp and Strange Circumstance is a main quest in the Blood and Wine expansion. After fighting and finishing off Dettlaff while keeping Syanna alive, the duchess is very grateful and plans to bestow Toussaint 's highest honor, the Order of Vitis Vinifera , on Geralt. However, Regis ponders over who the intended 5th victim is, to which you can respond 3 different ways: to go immediately to see the bootblack , say you'll meet him later at the bootblack's station, or that you don't care to find out who the 5th victim was to be. Important: if you went to see the Unseen Elder , even if you do all the next optional steps, you won't be able to sway what happens in the end. You can do it though to learn more and get some XP. See the Ceremony section for full list of requirements to save both sisters.

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Spoilers , obviously. The page, part of our The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt guide and walkthrough and The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine guide and walkthrough , will help you bring the second expansion to a satisfying conclusion. Where Wild Hunt buried its ending possibilities in a series of side quests and disconnected dialogue choices , our investigation suggests Blood and Wine is less complex: a handful of choices at the end of the main quest line shape the future of Toussaint. There is only one significant differentiator:. Secondary quests and all other Toussaint activities remain open, except those ended by events of the main story line. Which one you see depends on your actions in The Night of Long Fangs and subsequent quests:. Complete all steps on either path to reach it.

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Witcher 3: How to get the best ending in Blood and Wine

The Witcher 3: Blood and Wine - Best Ending (Yennefer Romance)

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Jeremy Milliner. As you probably guessed, there are big spoilers ahead! Your choices begin right after returning to Anna Henrietta at the end of Capture the Castle. The Night of Long Fangs quest automatically begins and starts right off with a fight against a bruxa. At that point your decision locks you in — this is your final chance to pursue Syanna instead of looking for the Elder Vampire.

Below you can check three main endings of the expansion pack. You can also find detailed information about what actions must be performed in order to unlock it and what are the consequences of the ending. In first ending both sisters die. There are a few ways to lead to it. Then this ending will be automatically triggered during the Pump and Strange Circumstance quest because other endings are available only if Geralt goes to the fairy land quest Beyond Hill and Dale. The second way is more unorthodox.





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