Level 50 character creation voucher blade and soul

Blade and Soul: Creating Level 50 Character

level 50 character creation voucher blade and soul

[Blade and Soul] New Store Items!: Claim Your Free Level 50 Voucher!

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This Maplestory 2 Leveling Guide will show you all of the possible ways you can level up from 1 to 60 and what is the fastest way of doing so. The MS2 Epic quests will give you tones of experience, gear and mesos. These quests were tailored carefully so that everyone more or less ends their main Epic quest story line at level Do note that all of the gear you get from these quests WILL carry you through the content up to level 50, after which you need to prepare for dungeon grinding, you can read more about this in our Maplestory 2 Gear Guide. You can also do Exploration quests and some other side quests, but those often take a lot more time to complete and have less than optimal experience gain per minute. In case you are wondering, it takes about 6 hours to reach level 50 by doing just Epic quests no monster grinding, dungeons etc. Fishing is surprisingly a very good way of getting experience for your character.

Welcome to the TouchArcade Rangers of Oblivion guide. Stuffed full of more traditional MMO quests, Rangers of Oblivion is something of a hybrid in the genre, mixing bewilderingly good mobile graphics with zone-based overworld combat and quests. Veterans of the genre will feel well equipped in this world from the get-go, but newcomers are bound to feel a little out of their depth. This RoO guide should get new players off on the right foot while offering something of a tidy reference for even experienced players diving into the game for the first time. Just consider this a role-playing element.

The new expansion, entitled Secrets of the Stratus , is coming on April 14 and will revamp of several systems in the game. The biggest change top-to-bottom is in the game's skill system.
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The Officer stands beside it. Once you complete the tasks, interact with the Officer to claim the reward. Completing these tasks can earn gems and materials. Reward: a seed of Bamboo. Reward: a seed of Magic Flower.

Be the last Cricket standing in the new Battle Royale mode, Shackled Isles, earn double rewards in raids, and collect event coins from Candycloud Park as well as other dungeon and raid quests to upgrade your Soul and Soul Badge or use on other items. Read More. The Cherry Blossom Treasure Trove is in full bloom! Click the link below for the nitty-gritty details and be sure to scroll down for the full patch notes. Allgemeine Informationen Nachrichten Forum Galerie. Each Class has been overhauled and received two new Specializations.

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Blade and Soul - FREE Level 50 Voucher! (Lost Continent Pack)

Blade and Soul - How To Redeem Your Free Level 50 Voucher!








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