This country is west of mali and southwest of mauritania

Geography of Mauritania

this country is west of mali and southwest of mauritania

Facts you should know about Mauritania

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Senegal , officially the Republic of Senegal, is a country in West Africa. The country is the westernmost of the African mainland and the Old World. Senegal is a unitary, semi-presidential republic. The capital of Senegal is Dakar. The country owes its name to Senegal River.

Select a Country File to view from the listing below:. Top of Page. Algeria is located in North Africa midway along the Mediterranean coastline. It is bound by the Mediterranean Sea to the north, Morocco to the west, Mauritania and Mali to the southwest, Niger to the southeast, Libya to the east and Tunisia to the northeast Burkina is a landlocked country in West Africa. It is bound by Mali to the north and west, Niger to the northeast and east, Benin to the southeast, Togo and Ghana to the south and the Ivory Coast to the southwest Cameroon is located in Central West Africa.

It is the eleventh largest sovereign state in Africa and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean to the west, Western Sahara to the north and northwest, Algeria to the northeast, Mali to the east and southeast, and Senegal to the southwest. The country derives its name from the ancient Berber kingdom of Mauretania , which existed from the 3rd century BCE into the 7th century CE in the far north of modern-day Morocco and Algeria. The capital and largest city is Nouakchott , located on the Atlantic coast, which is home to around one-third of the country's 4. On 16 April , Aziz resigned from the military to run for president in the 19 July elections, which he won. The ancient tribes of Mauritania were Berber people. With the gradual desiccation of the Sahara, they headed south.

Located on the coast of West Africa , the African country of Senegal is surrounded by five other countries in Africa. Known by many as the Republic of Senegal, the country is bordered in the south by the Gambia , which is a collective term that refers to an area of land along the Gambia River. Guinea -Bissau also surrounds the country of Senegal in the southwest, Mauritania in the north, Guinea in the southeast, and Mali in the east. The GPS coordinates are a latitude of These points are evident that Senegal exists above the equator, in both the northern and western hemispheres of the planet. The northernmost point of Senegal is found on Morfil Island. This point is just south of the town of Dindefelo.

Mauritania , a country in the western region of the continent of Africa, is generally flat, its 1,, square kilometres forming vast, arid plains broken by occasional ridges and clifflike outcroppings. It is considered part of both the Sahel and the Maghreb. A series of scarps face southwest, longitudinally bisecting these plains in the center of the country. The scarps also separate a series of sandstone plateaus, the highest of which is the Adrar Plateau , reaching an elevation of metres. Spring-fed oases lie at the foot of some of the scarps.

Which Countries Border Senegal?

The region of West Africa includes the southern portion of the bulge of the continent, which extends westward to the Atlantic Ocean. This region is bisected by the African Transition Zone, which borders the southern edge of the Sahara Desert. - It is the largest country of the Mediterranean sea, the second largest on the African continent and the eleventh-largest country in the world in terms of land area. It is bordered by Tunisia in the northeast, Libya in the east, Niger in the southeast, Mali and Mauritania in the southwest, Morocco in the northwest, and the Mediterranean Sea in the north.


Mauritania , country on the Atlantic coast of Africa. Mauritania forms a geographic and cultural bridge between the North African Maghrib a region that also includes Morocco , Algeria , and Tunisia and the westernmost portion of Sub-Saharan Africa. Much of Mauritania encompasses part of the Sahara desert, and, until the drought conditions that affected most of that zone of Africa in the s, a large proportion of the population was nomadic. Mauritania was administered as a French colony during the first half of the 20th century and became independent on November 28, By the terms of the constitution, Islam is the official state religion, but the republic guarantees freedom of conscience and religious liberty to all. Arabic is the official language; Fula, Soninke , and Wolof are national languages.






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