Anna kendrick and blake lively interview

Anna Kendrick Explains Why Her Blake Lively Faux-Mance Is Good For Ryan Reynolds (Exclusive)

anna kendrick and blake lively interview

Blake Lively and Anna Kendrick showed their adoration for each other at the A goes missing," Lively teased in a behind-the-scenes interview.

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It feels like Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively should've been in a movie together years ago. Now they're finally teaming up professionally for A Simple Favor , the new darkly comic thriller from Bridesmaids director Paul Feig. After her best friend Emily Blake goes missing, stay-at-home mom Stephanie Anna makes it her mission to find out exactly what happened. But it turns out there's a lot more to Emily's backstory than Stephanie ever knew. We at BuzzFeed love Blake and Anna, so when we were given the opportunity to talk to them about A Simple Favor in London this week, we jumped at the chance.

Skip navigation! Story from Movies. If you've always wanted a movie starring Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively , you'll be obsessed with this news. Paul Feig will direct the thriller, based on Darcey Bell's novel of the same name. Kendrick stars as Stephanie, a Connecticut-based mommy blogger. Apparently, Stephanie and Emily's sons are friends, too, and Emily never returns after asking Stephanie to watch her child one day. A Simple Favor is currently filming in Toronto, and fans are loving the photos from the set so far.

Anna Kendrick says that Blake Lively might come across as sweet, but the Gossip Girl actress has a "dark, sarcastic side" - which helped them get on better while filming Paul Feig's forthcoming twisted comedy-thriller A Simple Favour. But first impressions can be deceiving, as the Pitch Perfect star found out. She's got a dark side, a sarcastic side, and that's great because it's nice when somebody's nice, but how are you going to get along with them for an entire movie when you have my brain? So that was fantastic. Kendrick and Lively, who play two unlikely best friends in the forthcoming movie, also talked about Lively's newfound love of suits , inspired by Paul Feig's commitment to tailoring. Men really have it made on these promo tours. In fact, maybe we should do that for the Paris premiere.

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    Anna Kendrick kissed a girl and kinda liked it. the film, according to a recent Pride Source interview with Kendrick, who candidly Anna Kendrick and Blake Lively onstage at the MTV Video Music Awards in New York.

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