Very harold and kumar christmas

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas

very harold and kumar christmas

A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas is a American 3D stoner comedy film directed by Todd Strauss-Schulson, written by Jon Hurwitz and Hayden.

and    michael b jordan and naomi osaka

Sign in. The two-time Golden Globe nominee David Oyelowo has an awards-worthy list of must-see shows. See if you're caught up on his picks. Watch now. A Korean-American office worker and his Indian-American stoner friend embark on a quest to satisfy their desire for White Castle burgers.

The plot follows Harold Cho and Kumar Penn as they embark on an adventure to find a new Christmas tree after Kumar accidentally destroys the original. Seven years after escaping Guantanamo Bay , best friends and roommates Harold Lee and Kumar Patel have gone their separate ways. Harold has given up smoking cannabis , become a successful business man on Wall Street and married his Latina girlfriend Maria. Kumar, on the other hand, is poor and still lives in the messy apartment he once shared with Harold. Kumar got kicked out of medical school because he failed a drug test. Kumar has recently been dumped by his girlfriend Vanessa, who arrives at Kumar's apartment to inform him that she is pregnant with his child. Maria's father and Harold's father-in-law Mr.





A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas

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    As the two has separated and have gotten new friends.

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    The film was released on November 4, and is the first installment of the series to be shown in 3D.

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