Difference between new surface pro and surface pro 4

New Surface Pro vs Surface Pro 4: What’s the difference?

difference between new surface pro and surface pro 4

What Did Microsoft ACTUALLY Change? - 'New' Surface Pro (5)

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Microsoft's favorite detachable is back in black. Well, not much. While we were hoping to see some major revisions per our previous issues with the Surface Pro 5 , there weren't as many as we'd like. Here's how the new Surface Pro 6 compares with the Surface Pro 5. The Surface Pro 6 is landing in on Oct. While it definitely stands out from the typical platinum we've seen from the past few Surface Pros, there's an option for that color as well.

Microsoft has launched a new Surface Pro. Webcams on the front 5MP and back 8MP also blend in more which is a small but stylish touch. As you might expect, given the dimensions, the New Surface Pro also has the same Out the box though, the New Surface Pro has native support for the Surface Dial - something I suspect was behind the deeper degree kickstand. The good news, however, is Dial support will come to the Surface Pro 4 later in the year via a firmware update.

The question remains though, how much better — if at all — is the next-generation hardware? To find out, we pitted the Surface Pro 6 vs. Surface Pro 5 , comparing them on all of the most important factors of a modern convertible laptop. The Surface Pro 5 only saw minor physical alterations over its predecessor, and the Surface Pro 6 is much the same. It sports a matte black material coating that arguably gives it a more professional look, and it feels comfortable on wrists and fingers alike. The finish itself is said to be a little thicker than previous ones, leading to some weight and size shaving on the internal frame to maintain the exact same dimensions of its predecessor.

The fifth-generation of Surface Pro is finally available for order now. Check out our detailed spec comparison between the new Surface Pro vs Surface Pro 4 whether it is worth upgrading or not. This new Surface Pro is completely redesigned from its predecessor with about new custom parts. If you wonder how the new Surface Pro compared to the current Surface Pro 4 , here we have a detailed spec comparison between both devices. It will help you to decide whether the new Surface Pro is really worth the upgrade or not. With the right set of accessories, you can boost your Surface's productivity to the next level. Here we have some of the best accessories you should get for your Surface devices.

Surface Pro 6 vs. Surface Pro 5: What’s New?

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    Surface Pro 6 vs. Surface Pro 5: What’s New?

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