German pilot and watchmaker helmut

Sinn (watchmaker)

german pilot and watchmaker helmut

The Second World War: The Fighter Aces

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Many, many of the greatest watchmakers of our time come from Switzerland. Many are founded in Switzerland. And many have relocated to Switzerland to host their manufacture, produce their movements, or simply give their branding a certain je ne sais quois. After all, je ne sais quois is kind of a big deal when it comes to luxury watchmaking. Beyond technical excellence and innovative design, it is what sets apart the average tick and tock from the tourbillon of the key players. But times are changing.

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When Helmut Sinn retired for the first time, selling his eponymous watch brand, he was well past the retirement age at That retirement, as it turned out, was much too early, for the maker of aviation watches and instruments passed away on February 14, at the age of He died after a short illness, according to a statement issued by Guinand on Facebook. He trained as a pilot and flew for the Luftwaffe during the Second World War, where he was shot down over Russian territory, losing both his little fingers in the process. He spent the rest of the war as a flying instructor, but had to give up the vocation post-war due to a ban imposed by the Allied authorities. Though Sinn is best known for its wristwatches, the company also produced cockpit clocks for German Air Force fighters. And in a Sinn chronograph made it into space on the wrist of a German astronaut on the Spacelab mission.

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Helmut Sinn Has Passed Away At The Age Of 101

German pilot and watchmaker Helmut ___

From the very beginning, Helmut Sinn Spezialuhren GmbH excelled with watches that were expected to fulfill the highest technical demands. For example the Sinn S proved the functionality of automatic winding wristwatches in a zero-gravity environment. Here, one timepiece producer is fighting against established conventions by breaking free from any unnecessary trappings and creating watches for what they were originally intended to be: instruments to measure time. Unique features of a Meistersinger timepiece are the scale division in five-minute-increments, the zero by single-digit numerals, and a needle hand. Another characteristic of Meistersinger watches is the typical design that is reminiscent of a barometer, which has received numerous prizes e.

Following its foundation in , the company focused on the manufacture of navigation cockpit clocks and pilot chronographs and sold these through direct selling , bypassing retailers. By eliminating the trade margin of the retailers, the company was able to offer its clocks and watches at a lower price than through traditional sales channels. In , Helmut Sinn sold the company to Lothar Schmidt. Following the sale, he acquired Swiss watchmaker Guinand in With this company, he offered brand watches from Jubilar, Chronosport and the newly acquired Guinand.

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