Brake and light inspection near me

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brake and light inspection near me


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Skip to content. Schedule Service Appointment Hours of Operation Monday-Friday: 8am-6pm. Brake Light Inspection Hawthorne In the state of California, the law requires that when a salvaged automobile of any time is repaired and is going to be brought back to a drivable condition, that a brake light inspection be accomplished on the automobile. The requirement for a brake light inspection Hawthorne applies even if the same auto owner remains on the title of the auto.

The purpose of a brake and lamp inspection is to make sure that a vehicle being issued a California DMV salvage title is Read More. How do I know I am getting a fair price of an inspection? You will do very well to shop around as the price of a brake and light inspection can vary greatly. The DMV has very specific instructions on how to get a salvaged title.

A State Brake and Lamp inspection may be needed for several reasons. The most common being, registration of a salvaged vehicle, clearance of an enforcement document a fix-it ticket , or inspections required by the state for certain vehicles such as ambulance and taxis. All of the original equipment lighting that was installed at the factory must be functioning properly and have no cracked or missing lenses or fixtures. Any aftermarket light fixtures installed on the vehicle must be DOT approved. Not only must all of the originally installed exterior lights function but the interior lights must work as well; such as the high beam indicator, turn signal indicator, and the dash illumination lights. Once the wheels are removed the brake pads and shoes are inspected for thickness. The hydraulic system is also inspected for any fluid leaks or cracked or abraded hoses or lines.

In some cases, brakes can be in good condition but fail due to a lack of fluid or improper installation. Brake problems pose mild-to-moderate danger, so drivers are urged to fix the problem as soon as it starts. When problems are severe, brakes need to be replaced. Like all parts of a vehicle, brakes have a certain lifespan. Let the experts at Felix Automotive get your brakes in working order. When re-registering salvaged vehicles in California, a Brake and Lamp inspection is required. Felix Automotive is a certified inspection and repair station that will ensure that your vehicle is in proper working order to safely share the road with other vehicles.

Brake and light inspection certificates are required by the DMV when re-registering most vehicles or reviving a salvage title in California. Certificates are not required for trailers weighing 3, pounds or less. Our ASE Certified technicians will also make adjustments if necessary, prior to issuing the brake or lamp certificate requested by the Department of Motor Vehicles. A Citation Was Issued When a California State Highway Patrol officer discovers a defect on your vehicle which could cause a personal safety issue or create a hazardous situation for other motorists, a citation may be issued, directing you to remedy the problem. The Salvage vehicles are generally sold at dealer auctions to either dismantles or re-builders of such vehicles.

Brake & Lamp Inspection

We are a STAR certified station. We're committed to giving every customer the best smog experience possible!

Brake and Light Inspection Anaheim

What is the purpose of a brake and light inspection? Same Day Inspections. Free Qoutes. In California, a brake and lamp inspection is necessary to ensure that a vehicle is safe to drive and operate properly on the road. Brake and lamp inspections are required anytime an automobile is being retitled, which includes after a car accident or vehicle theft.


Reviews on Brake and Lamp Inspection in Los Angeles, CA - A Super Tune Ups Sal gave me the best price for all three read more Came for brake, lamp inspection and smog check around on a Friday & was seen immediately.
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    But besides complying with DMV requirement it is a great way to ensure your vehicle will be safe on the road, so many of our customers like to have the inspection performed for a used vehicle purchase.

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