Trump is love trump is life

‘My Whole Life Is a Bet.’ Inside President Trump’s Gamble on an Untested Re-Election Strategy

trump is love trump is life

Reacting To Trump is love, Trump is life (WARNING)

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She mistreated me. I mistreated her. Say it, love lives. Months before starting my first professorship in , I ended the relationship for good. Mistreatment drove us away several times. Mistreatment did not keep us away, or cause me to question whether we loved each other.

Before joining politics, he was a real estate mogul and television personality. As a successful businessman and someone who beat many odds to become the president, Trump has clearly tapped into his Everyday Power and there are many lessons we could learn from him about success , business, and work ethics. In that respect, here are some inspirational Donald Trump quotes. Move forward. Aim High. Plan a takeoff. Change your attitude and gain some altitude.

From where the 45th President works, eats and sleeps, everything is going just great. Now if only everyone else would see it that way. In a few minutes, President Donald Trump will release a new set of tweets, flooding social-media accounts with his unique brand of digital smelling salts—words that will jolt his supporters and provoke his adversaries. Nearly a dozen senior aides stand in the Oval Office, crowding behind couches or near door-length windows. This is the way he likes to work, more often than not: in a crowd.

Previously, he was a real estate mogul and a former reality TV star. Born in Queens, New York, in , Trump became involved in large, profitable building projects in Manhattan. In , he opened the Grand Hyatt New York, which made him the city's best-known developer. Trump turned his attention to politics, and in he announced his candidacy for president of the United States on the Republican ticket. After winning a majority of the primaries and caucuses, Trump became the official Republican candidate for president on July 19,

60 Donald Trump Quotes On Success, Business, & Work Ethic

Beach Boys' Mike Love says Trump tried to save Whitney Houston's life

I was only 9 years old I loved Donald Trump I had all the merchandise Every night I'd pray to Trump for deporting illegal immigrants.
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T here he is, the president of the United States, sitting astride a motorcycle in a leather jacket in front of the Capitol, a rifle in hand. There he is again, once more leather-clad, both of his middle fingers extended as he stands on the southern border. The words written on the T-shirts and denim vests alongside the imaginary biker version of Donald Trump exude similar vibes. But he does know one thing: the Trump shirts sell more than anything else. It is about brash individualism, of saying and doing what you want, despite what others may think. In Trump, many bikers have found an unlikely idol: a non-biker real estate billionaire who nonetheless paints himself as a rebel, outsider and disruptor. At rallies like Laconia, where tens of thousands gather along the shore of Lake Winnipesaukee every June, support for Trump is easy to find.


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