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ninth judicial circuit court of florida

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Whether or not you are selected to serve on a jury, your participation is critical to one of the most fundamental principles of our free society - the right to a jury trial. Your participation as a juror is essential to our common law system of justice. Our system affords all persons going to trial the opportunity to have the facts of their cases determined by a jury of their peers. The Judges of the Ninth Judicial Circuit thank you in advance for your service. We hope you find your jury service to be an interesting and positive experience.

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The Ninth Judicial Circuit Court is located in the heart of Central Florida and is one of 20 judicial circuits in the state. Serving Orange and Osceola counties, the Ninth Circuit covers over 2, square miles and serves more than 1. There are currently 66 judges serving in the Ninth Circuit. On average, the circuit receives over , new cases each year. As a court of general jurisdiction, both county and circuit level cases are heard in the circuit.

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The Florida circuit courts are state courts , and are trial courts [1] of original jurisdiction for most controversies. There are 20 judicial circuits in Florida, all but five of which span multiple counties. They are: [3]. Florida circuit courts have original jurisdiction not vested in the county courts, direct review of administrative action, and the power to issue writs of mandamus , quo warranto , certiorari , prohibition , and habeas corpus , as well as any other writs necessary to exercise their jurisdiction. As authorized by the legislature, and in addition to the power to issue various injunctions and other necessary orders, [5] the circuit courts more specifically have the following jurisdiction:. Original jurisdiction is as follows:.

In the 's the judicial system began looking for ways to expedite their workload and gradually turned to the world of high-tech AV equipment for a solution. Courtroom activities require accurate depiction and reproduction of audio and video data; as a result, courthouses are selectively integrating AV systems into their courtrooms. Some benefits of this transition include the following: evidence quickly viewed by everyone via monitors; remote testimony enabled by videoconferencing; Internet and media feeds for broadcast; and computer-generated demonstrations. The courtroom provides state of the art technology in a completely integrated format, which works in a very sophisticated way in the architecturally beautiful room. DOAR is proud to be the primary provider of evidence display technologies, videoconferencing, transcript analysis, and information management for this landmark project. Court participants control the AV system using a Crestron system with touchscreens.

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The Judges of the Ninth Judicial Circuit and Court Administration provide numerous services to attorneys, the media, and the general public to facilitate the judicial process and to better serve the people of Orange and Osceola Counties. A drop-in child care center for children whose families have business with the court. Accommodations are provided for court participants with disabilities, in accordance with the law.


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    Serving Orange and Osceola counties, the Ninth Circuit covers over square miles and serves more than million residents, making it one of the largest.

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